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09-28-14, 04:10 PM
I am wondering if anyone other than myself has had experience with yoga? I am ADHD and I take Adderall but for a very long time I still had very severe problems in my life. (I still have problems but just not as severe, ha).

When I first started college, I started really taking Adderall. I had been prescribed it before but it always felt forced on me and unnecessary, so I didn't take it too often.

Anyway, the Adderall helped my school work so much! I was doing great in school, but not so great in every other aspect of life. I got kicked out of two separate dorm rooms for various reasons, I was in a really not great relationship and I was just generally struggling.

Fast forward three years into the future. By this point I have dropped out of college, quit taking medication, quit my job, traveled half way across the world and back. Somewhere in the process of all these things and adventures, I discovered yoga.

I loved it! It was a challenge for me and it worked out a TON of energy. Not to mention, it worked with MY personal energy. I was hooked. As soon as I was in a stable place I signed up for a yoga teacher training. For some reason I decided that maybe I should start taking Adderall again just to be a little more on top of my game. After all, the yoga was something that I was really passionate about and cared about. I wanted to do really well in my teacher training.

So, I started taking Adderall and doing yoga and found out that this is how I can thrive. The Adderall helps me focus and the yoga centers me, gets that extra energy out. I completed my teacher training successfully and now I never go a day without my practice.

Fast forward 3 more years into the future (aka the present). I have never felt healthier in myself. I definitely still have some problems, I am not perfect and I am still ADHD. BUT I feel like my daily life has improved tenfold.

Yes, I still forget to do things occasionally. Yes, I still lock my keys inside my house\car occasionally. Yes, I still get irritable from time to time. Yes, I still can get distracted from homework. And yes, I am still finishing college. But the difference is that these little daily things are occasional now, they are no longer an ordeal that I am forced to go through twice a week (at least).

The benefits of combining medication with some kind of mindfulness practice have helped me in ways I have never believed to be possible.

Has anyone else had this kind of experience?

09-28-14, 10:45 PM
Yoga is extremely healing for me, too, but I still struggle with that whole consistency thing. :)

Edited to add: The poses are my biggest hurdle, but the mindful breathing continues to be incredibly grounding. I've even had an instructor meet with me and do a prescriptive program based on all of my needs with modified poses, but making myself do them is another story.

09-29-14, 06:30 PM
Wow that's so cool that an instructor did that for you! What kinds of poses were recommended if you don't mind my asking?

09-29-14, 10:19 PM
I'm actually glad you asked. It made me look them up, which I'd been avoiding since I lost my printed versions. :) Much gratitude.

Morning routine (15 minutes): Sun salutation, mountain pose, modified downward dog, seated piriformis stretch, cows face pose, and modified wide legged standing forward fold.

Nightly routine (15 minutes): Modified downward dog, seated spinal twist, seated piriformis stretch, modified wide legged standing forward fold, and legs up the wall.

She also introduced me to an awesome book, "Yoga As Medicine", by Dr. Tim McCall, M.D.

10-06-14, 06:09 PM
What exactly is the "seated piriformis stretch"?

10-06-14, 07:49 PM
Here's a video that explains it well: