View Full Version : Worried about remembering what I learned in college.

09-28-14, 10:33 PM
I am worried I won't remember what I was taught in College in later years. What if I told someone I went to college and can not remember what is what. I would feel unreliable. Its like my memory is like unorganized papers not in the right section. I feel like I got good grades out of luck

09-29-14, 03:21 AM
I remember very little of what I learnt both in school and at university. Sorry, not that sure this will cheer you up...:D

I used to get by with cramming for exams, so very little actually stuck in my head after an exam but then even when I read something out of interest I very rarely remember it a few days later.

I didn't get good grades by sheer luck though. I studied hard (but only the night before exams) and I devised lots of memorising techniques, which still come in handy today. It's not the best way of learning, if you can call it learning at all but it's not just luck.

I think that many people, ADHD or not, remember only a fraction of what they studied.

09-29-14, 04:06 AM
What you learn in college and what you use in the world are two different things.

09-29-14, 06:04 AM
If it cheers you up, almost nobody remembers what they studied in college, unless they're lucky enough to use that knowledge right after graduation, but this is very rare. Also, I got good grades by luck a lot, some bad grades too, but nobody seems to care anyway.

09-29-14, 06:43 AM
Although it may seem that you will forget information learned in college after you have finished your degree, as that information would not necessarily be revised regularly afterwards, I'm sure you could re-learn it much faster if you needed to for a future career.

This is similar to an athlete who has a break from their exercise regime for a few months and loses form, but finding that getting back into form is much easier than having to start from scratch.

Also, I'm sure that some (if not all!) university professors still keep their notes from undergraduate college as a reminder of topics that they have covered in the past.

Anyway, I post this video every so often as I think it is relevant to these memory based queries.

Hope this helps.

09-29-14, 10:56 AM
everyone forgets.

ask anyone in ten years what they learned in college or even k-12 and they will remember maybe about 30% of what they were taught, mostly in the one subject they latched onto.

school and college are not for written facts really, they are for building interest. a lot of the smarts you get are automatic.

don't worry, this is what everyone thinks, nt or no. the fact is the important stuff will become muscle memory.

09-29-14, 11:01 AM
Don't worry too much about this; i think unless you go for a very specific field (medecine, engineering...) it doesn't matter.
I studied hard and did well in college; I remember some random facts here and there. I remember absolutely loving certain classes and i have no regrets with my liberal arts degree.

I certainly used everything I learned in French classes! ;)
And having said that, actually living in France, my "general knowledge of French literature" was not at helpful in finding work here.

09-29-14, 11:07 AM
I can barely remember anything I learned in college and I finished studying this Summer just finished :confused: