View Full Version : Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder - ADHD Improvements

10-01-14, 05:24 AM
Hello all,
Just wanted to share something kinda cool.

So, after researching online, now I'm not officially diagnosed but it's clear to me that I have a severe case of delayed sleep phase disorder.

For the last few weeks, I decided to stop fighting against my own internal body clock, and simply go with it.


I'm calmer (less anxious - that's also cuz I started taking my klonis properly instead of being silly OCD and only taking 1/4-1/2 a pill at a time :o), mood is improved, ADHD symptoms are slightly improved.

When I was forcing myself to be awake at what people call "normal" hours, I was groggy, way more unfocused, and my ADHD symptoms were very severe.

Now - don't get me wrong I still have severe ADHD - but I'm not fighting against tiredness anymore cuz I'm going with the flow of my internal body clock and it's reallllllly helping me.

Perhaps once I get a job I'll work night shifts, people need those workers anyway.

I feel more calm, focused, and WAY more alert (that's the biggest thing - alertness/not groggy) when I follow my natural sleep rhythm - it's just different than yours. ;)

10-01-14, 06:14 AM
Bella, that is GREAT news!!!!
It really does help and I consider myself really fortunate to have an internal clock timed with the kind of job I have.

It's funny, I have been annoyed for years with "not being able to sleep in" on weekends (because that's what people do apparently..) and I've learned just to get up and do things on Sunday mornings, I'm way happier. And I have better afternoon naps because I'm exhausted by 3 PM :)