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10-02-14, 06:02 PM
Hello! I was diagnosed with ADD in 2012 at the age of 30. Starting college math was making me struggle and I knew something was up. After requesting old transcripts from elementary to high school, there seemed to be a connection that I had some sort of disorder.

So I scheduled an appointment with a psychologist who told my family doctor to prescribe me Adderall (1st tried 10mg Ritalin, then switched to extended release 20mg of Adderall). Adderall helped even the playing field for me from completing daily chores to staying on task with homework. Even my coworkers noticed an improvement at work! (I did not tell them I have ADD) Yet, I was still struggling with math while working full-time.

Anyway, here I am 2 years later and 6 months pregnant. It was planned. I was lucky enough where I was able to quit my full-time job and focus on finishing college. However with the recommendation of my doctor I stopped taking Adderall. So now I'm having a hard time coping with chores and finishing math homework! :mad: It's really embarrassing because this is my 3rd time taking my final math class of Beginning Algebra II ( I'm trying to get an associates degree in Health Information Management (medical coding) but a little weary since this is my 1st child. Being a 1st generation student, I don't want to give up but it's discouraging.

Anyone have any book recommendations or advice on coping with ADHD/ADD while unmedicated and pregnant?

Thank you so much for reading! :thankyou:

10-03-14, 12:30 AM
Hi, please read this article: Ten Foods to Boost Your ADHD Brain (

Western medicine is not for everyone due to the nasty side effects. I'm fed up of it an will try natural supplements.

Multivitamin/mineral with iron, zinc, magnesium
Omega-3 oil
Ginko or Ginsing - concentration, uplift mood
Rhodala Rosea - adjunct to Ginko/Ginsing if needed

Remember we ADDers lack dopamine and norepinephrine.