View Full Version : Does impulsiveness increase when ADHD boys become teens?

10-04-14, 02:51 PM
Hallo all!

My eldest son who is currently 14 was diagnosed 7 years ago, and has been on Ritalin ever since. He does well on it and is coping well at school.

We are worried though, because it seems like the impulsive component of his ADHD is getting worse. Have those of you who with teenage sons noticed an increase in symptoms during the onset of puberty?


10-04-14, 03:30 PM
My impulsivity got worse in my teen years it's all of the puberty angsty years plus the ADHD I think xx

10-05-14, 06:52 PM
Yes, Im 16 right now, and even daily tasks are hard to focus on. Maybe its the hormones that mess with your body along with the ADHD :\

10-05-14, 08:29 PM
Yep. Also 16. Impulsive in the sense that I love driving really fast and I tend to do things without thinking. Not even bad things, just not thinking before I blurt something out, ect. More than I used to. Then again, most teens are impulsive, but the ADHD doesn't help things.

12-27-14, 02:08 AM
Our son is now 15 years old and just started high school. After years of a clea behavioral record, he has, at least three times, been suspended got grabbing girls' rear ends, clearly NOT appropriate. He says that the girls have bee. Making moves towards him which are explicit and sexual, and that some of the complaints have just been a "joke. He has been warned with suspensions, but cannot seem to make the choice to stay away from this group of girls he has known since middle school. He has no behavior referrals, and never did anything even remotely like what he have now. We cannot figure out what is He is doing and impulsivity rules the day. He is facing complete expulsion from the school district, and while he says he made some stupid mistakes, it seems he was 'dared' in some of these contexts. He is easily manipulated I social situations. We do not know how to best help him--he refuses support for ADHD, or his other significant learning.differences. He is failing in his classes, off task and generally disruptive in many of his classes.

01-02-15, 04:28 PM
My grandson had a terrible freshman year; he got several referrals and I had to fight for them to let him come back to his charter school in his sophomore year. So far, his sophomore year has been wonderful. The teachers are very complimentary of the turnaround in him. I think a lot of kids have problems with the transition to high school.

He is currently on Concerta and Tenex and the combination is working well in controlling his impulsiveness and aiding in focus.