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10-06-14, 03:43 PM
Ok, I asked if getting an official diagnose matters when child was overall doing well .. but now she is not. She has missed half her allowed days from school claiming shes sick( ok a few days yes but nothing more then a cold) and whats weird all of a sudden after missing no school for several years, even when really scik, all sudden she wants out of school. Now I offered nicely to pull her out if shes unhappy and she claimed no she likes it etc, but refuses to go. If she actually stayed away from the electronics and put study time in, she would be straight A'S and B's. Sherefuses to study and at one point wants to be home school but she wont do the work she only wants sleep and electronics. Things are really on edge with her, just enrolled her in a public school and now they WILL test her she has no choice and I warned her. I was giving her the choice if she did well I wouldnt have her tested but now shes not I said she will be. This school is hard core drugs and gangs with some good kids mixed in. If its a social issue at her now old school, what does she think this type of school will be like for her?

Im so hurt and shocked, confused, she breaks all her promises now, and is so addicted to the interent, I mean I like it to, Im here and other places sites but when I have to do something I dont panic and take a long time to get off -I just go. Whatevs, sometimes Im not on for days Im ok! Her, if she cant be on some type of electronic mainly computer/Ipad she really really cant handle it! Chores she wont do, we try for 2 hours to get her up to go to the store, go to school then she says we dont it was our fault!!! OMg really? Homeschool is not an option for several reasons, one, it will bring her even further away from trying to get her socialized.. as it is its a miracle she steps outside to get in the car to get to school, I dont understand math or a few others and she wouldnt do it anyway it takes motivation to do homework as is at home she has none. Also I no longer want her to be alone home with her new attitude. So not an option.

She has a reg PED appt next week. Sorry if I posted it in wrong place but I believe from reading things on the net,lady at a function, my neighbor, her former teacher, her medical assistant off record said possibility both I mentioned.. well anxiety always been mentioned but again no testing.. no meds and she refused... What do I do?

10-07-14, 01:35 AM
To start with, you getting hurt amd angry isn't helping. She's got her reasons for not being able to study, whether she has ADHD or not.

Seeing testing as something negative isn't helping either.

It's a good thing to be tested and finding out what you actually can and can't do, wirh or without meds.

01-29-15, 12:26 AM
Thanks Flia, sorry so long to respond to your reply. She doesn't have ADHD my son does, I just thought I could squeeze in my daughter on this. Since then she has been rule in/rule out Asperger and a learning disability from a Neurospych as well as her last school. I wont keep talking about her in the forums since she doesnt have ADD/ADHD Ill make this the last thread.

She is home schooled now, but still doesnt have a care for school work, I have to keep reminding her. Im not angry - just exhausted and worried for my kids. :/

She is the one who sees testing as negative as I want to know what is going on. She says nothing is wrong with her.