View Full Version : Bipolar caused by which chemical imbalance?

10-07-14, 05:20 AM
What chemical imbalance causes Bipolar Disorder? Is it caused by low dopamine? Low Serotonin? Both? Etc.

10-07-14, 05:46 AM
Good question. I've wondered about this as well (though not enough to really research it:rolleyes:). I vaguely remember reading something about faulty sodium absorption. Hope someone else will know more. :)

10-07-14, 06:06 AM
GABA, usually serotonin, sometimes dopamine

(I think.)

10-07-14, 09:20 AM
I don't know that any specific chemical has been proven to be a cause

It may be the actions that produce those chemicals are faulty. As opposed to just being born with low amounts of them

10-13-14, 04:30 AM
I wish I knew. It would help explain a lot about myself.

10-13-14, 08:19 AM
Bipolar is probably not so much a case of chemical imbalance but in the way the the brain developed in the individual and the genetics involved. The imbalances, so to speak, are not the causes but part of the whole that results in bipolar.


10-14-14, 03:58 AM
I read someone there were more or less cells in one part of the brain. Yeah. I think it has to do with how the brain developed and the chemicals imbalances.