View Full Version : Generic XR 20mg

10-07-14, 02:10 PM
What is with this dosage? It seems NO ONE can get it generic. Every other dose is available generic.

I have no issue with 30mg at any pharmacy. Am I missing the exclusivity on the other dosages? From what I read TEVA had 180 rights to the other dosages and PAR has 15, 30 and 40mg.

10-23-14, 09:20 PM
I had no idea XR was available in generic. What dose/brands are available?

10-25-14, 01:27 PM
I don't know who else makes the generic. I get PAR pharmaceuticals. They have it in 15,30,40mg dosage. Web search says TEVA has generics but no pharmacy I asked can get anything other than PAR. The PAR are very good in my opinion. No issues vs brand

Last visit my doc did 2x30mg a day instead of the 30/20mg setup. Got 60 30mg generic for $10 after insurance. So that's a nice price break from the brand name at 20mg