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10-08-14, 12:56 PM
My 1st ever post so hi all! I'm Sam, 26 from UK. I was on ritalin (4 daily,bad memory soz!) back when i was diagnosed, 14 ish then when concerta was available went on 36mg. Took that mostly consistent for a few years then stopped around aged 21/22 as it just sucked me of my emotions and i enjoyed being hyper- much more exciting!

Anyway, went back on it 27mg this time though...around 24/25 as went back to college (that was very hard here in uk as i was over 18) once adult you are basically just left to fend for yourself it seems. Stopped again! for same reasons!

Now, im starting my own guessed it...back on it! My prescription was still active, its pretty **** really, since adult i have no help whatsoever..even though they will prescribe the drugs!

I just wondered...what time you take yours, ive been on it for about 3-4 weeks n reckon taking it at 9:30am is too late as my sleep is a bit restless. I have also stopped smoking weed so that probs has something to do with it.

For the in the process of going private and possibly trying adderral ...anyones thoughts are welcome. :)

It seems with Concerta its good at the start then it just becomes a bit ****! lol

sorry for bangin on! haha:)

10-09-14, 03:48 AM
Welcome to this forum Mizora!:)

Since its a timed release and its effects lasts up to 10~12hrs, I usually take it (18mg) in the morning during weekdays at work (around 9am or later) the time when I needed to be more focused and stimulated. :):)

I took off from meds during weekends and observe the effects..

10-09-14, 05:42 AM
Hi Ice cream, thanks man :)

Yeah i do that, i recall years back they used to go on and on about how you cannot abstain at the weekends, i always found it fine so did it!

I have taken mine today at 8:30 so an hour earlier than usual, hopefully this will help the sleep.

Just seems since i went back on I wake up at around 3/4 for no reason then just go back to sleep. Anyone else get this?

10-09-14, 05:31 PM
l take mine (72 mg) at 11:30 AM.

10-09-14, 08:34 PM
Hey miz I'm from the uk as well

One word of advice is to try and get dexedrine if you can my psych maxed me out on the Ritalin and it just wasn't working for me I had more side effects than symptom control

Adderall privately here is super duper expensive because it has to be imported and the psychiatrist you see will need a special license you are looking at about 3-400 pounds a month potentially. You will also have to continue to pay privately for this as your GP won't be allowed to prescribe it and the NHS ADHD guidelines will not permit a drug that's not licensed here to be used for treatment :(

10-11-14, 10:46 AM
wow! that is expensive! Ok thanks for the heads up :)

I shall enquire re dex. ive got a gp app monday which i am going to plead they refer me up to london or another specialist rather than just fob me off as per.

I used to be on 36mg now on 27, maybe i should try go higher on the concerta 1st...hmmmm