View Full Version : Amphetamines accelerate blood clotting

10-08-14, 11:16 PM
Bit of trivia:

Apparently amphetamine accelerates clotting time:

Gebhard, C., Breitenstein, A., Akhmedov, A., Gebhard, C. E., Camici, G. G., Lüscher, T. F., & Tanner, F. C. (2010). Amphetamines induce tissue factor and impair tissue factor pathway inhibitor: role of dopamine receptor type 4. European heart journal, 31(14), 1780-1791. (

it's not like you're are risk of bleeding to death studying... paper cut anyone ? ;)

10-09-14, 04:00 AM
An important note- the study was done for the street drug, not for the ADHD medication. And it was done on groups of cells, not on humans or even animals.

However, if someone is genetically predisposed to blood clots or takes medication which increase the risk (like birth-control, for example), it might be worth checking with your doctor about this.

10-09-14, 04:31 AM
Although the tests were done on cells, if you read the paper carefully, human aortic endothelial cells and human plasma was used.

Although amphetamine was used, which is different to dexedrine and adderall, the difference between it and Adderall is small (50/50 d/l to 75/25 d/l)

To me, there is still some relevance there.

If it causes the release of stress hormones, effects like narrowed blood vessels and faster clotting would be expected.

However, you'd expect it to be mild for those being treated for ADHD, as the doses are generally low.

Maybe further research is needed to clarify at what dose it becomes significant, if at all.

If anything it's a 'heads up', but it's early days.

10-09-14, 07:07 AM
Maybe it would be good for hemophiliacs. A drug company could run tests on it and if it works well enough to get FDA approval they could market it under a new brand name for a new use and make a few billion.