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10-11-14, 10:20 AM
Before Concerta I was constantly on the go. All day at work I wouldn't stop working going from job to job, having weird fast paced conversations with co-workers, constantly seeking stimulation pretty much. When I get home I immediately start doing the dishes, then make dinner for me and my gf, then play guitar in between, then eat, then do the dishes, then rush to the gym, then come home and drink lots and lots of vodka or rye.... it goes on and on like this until i exaustedly fall asleep. The drinking part has been going on my whole life but really picked up after i graduated university and has really starting to become a real problem the past 2 years..

I've been like this my whole life. Finally i decided to try medication and these are the effects...

First at work, I am still very active but am alot smoother and happier about how i go about it. Now when I get home I have absolutely no urge to stay constantly busy like i was before. I can easily come home and just relax on the couch until my gf gets home and pretty much just be happy relaxing and doing not to much. Thirdly, I've completely lost the urge to drink alcohol! now I'm fine just relaxing or maybe having a beer or 2 a few times a week- HUGE improvement!

I feel like before I was constantly searching for these little dopamine rushes in any activity I could, but now that I have more floating around in my brain my bodies letting me relax. Has anyone else felt like this as well? The problem is im not even sure if this is a good or bad thing if that makes sense.. Sometimes i feel like im too chill and I should really get these things please comment I'd love to hear what all you experienced users have to say about this.

I apologize for my bad grammer and sentence structure! lol


10-11-14, 01:29 PM
I think it's something you have to adapt to. This is the question of medication. If your prepared to live this way great.
I use to be constantly looking for that dopamine rush that's why I'm glad taking the medication. Even with the side effects.