View Full Version : if diagnosed, is ritalin usually prescribed in germany?

10-11-14, 09:27 AM
Hello! I realize that this is a very old thread, but I hope it won't be serious upping it since It wasn't so sunk and resembling to a section more than a 3d :D

I have already googled so I know Ritalin is available in Germany. What I'd like to dig into deeper is, being about to go to there for some time, if it is actually prescribed to people, especially adults, or if there are the same unwillingness by the doctors that can be found in other countries. In Italy, where I live it is even impossible to get it if it has not been diagnosed before the age of 18, but in other countries it is not so easy either, yet it is legal and prescribed.

Just to point out, I mean if the doctor agrees with the diagnosis (which is confirmed and put into writing by two italian specialists) I don't demand a certainty.

Thank for every help :)