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10-13-14, 01:02 PM
so I've been scanning what I do through the day

one of the habits I've gotten into is drinking. Habitual drinking I guess is the name of it but I've been scanning that as well.

in a thread on here I've talked about how I've reduced the amount of alcohol I ingest, have gotten it down to about 1/4th of what it was just a little while ago.

I've been reading around the net on this subject, I just started talking about it to my counselor really.

first is that when I drink alcohol that's it for the day. I can get nothing else done. I'm not sure right now if thats because of the actual alcohol or the habit of drinking. first thing I want to do is completely get alcohol out of my life. there is no positive of any sorts. I've identified it as one of the real habits that is causing anxiety.

this week I went on the crusade of not drinking as long as I could. the amount of alcohol I've got down to over the corse of the past 2 months (3-4 drinks every other day) I won't have DT's from doing it, so I went as far as I could. 3 days in nothing but anxiety and a little eye twitch. a key sign that your nerves are just really grating on you.

I talked to my best friend who is a nurse about this and he said there is nothing wrong with getting a drink now, as long as you are on your way out. so I went to the store to get some some beers. yesterday (the following day) I also went to get some beers because I was still feeling nerves.

today I'm feeling crappy, not a headache or classic hangover stuff, just my body is tired and it's hard to focus, 2 days drinking.... no matter what it seems (cause I drank less, more on that) to just make me dead the following day.

however I noticed my behavior. I had anxiety until I got to the store, I went in, got my beer and when I left to come home the anxiety had faded and I really had little urge to drink. I did anyway like a fool, thinking I could just chuck what I got. the amount I drank was less than I usually do.

so I thought about what happened, and I'm going over it today. I'm at the point were I don't know if I'm actually addicted to the alcohol or the Habit of going to the store to GET the alcohol. I brought this up with my counselor, and will do so again when I see him next.

the habit is what I need to get rid of, but I'm wondering if I can do this in more of a less nerve wracking way than just completely stopping the habit cold turkey, and sense this is the ADHD forum I was wondering if anyone else had any incite on this because this is one of the pits thats easy for us to fall into.

the beer leads to hangovers like this, that's for sure. but if it's not the beer that is making me anxious but the habit then I was thinking I might be able to spread that out, go 2 days for a week and go to the beer store and get some NA beer (my friend, the nurse, suggested a low alcohol beer just to be sure I wouldn't have any side effects for a while, one of those 4% 12 ounce deals). then three days the next week and so on. keep that progression up so I can handle the anxiety at a week or so. then go full force.


10-13-14, 02:31 PM
Hi, I have fallen into this same rut. I take Adderall which causes me to just get a little buzz from the beer. I've been drinking pretty much everyday for about 3 years. I never get drunk and I can drink up to 8-10 a day.

I crave it at the same time every day around 2:00 and go get it then. I have a favorite that I like for the taste. It is expensive and has made my gain ALOT of weight. I think I want to drink because the Adderall makes me anxious in the afternoon.

I went to a new Doctor and he put me on Wellbutrin and took me off Adderall. He said the Wellbutrin is kind of like Adderall, give you energy and makes you lose weight. I lied about my alcohol consumption and it says on to drink while taking Wellbutrin. I sill have been but not as much. It has only been two weeks since starting the Well but I have found myself craving alcohol a lot less.

They use Wellbutrin to quit smoking too. Maybe it can help in other addictions too? Not saying you should take it, but maybe this is the case for me. I know your struggle. Good luck my friend!

10-13-14, 03:21 PM
hah, that was the other thing.

I'm also anxious cause I'm not in the shape I want to be in, beer of course makes it impossible to lose weight. in the 3-4days I stoped it looked like I lost 15 pounds, the bloating is something crazy.

10-14-14, 03:41 AM
I'm not saying you're an alcoholic because thats not for me to decide but if you experience dt's when you stop drinking thats definitely a warning sign.