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10-14-14, 03:52 PM
Hi Everyone,

I have ADD, & i'm having difficulty organising my thoughts/research/ideas using traditional mind mapping/brain-storming software. I'm looking for others who are in the same boat, who would like to share their experiences, and what improvements they would like to see.

Preferably only people who are struggling or have a real need for a solution/alternative: Im looking for early adopters. They will literally shape my designs and its developments; its all part of the user centric adopted by the Business incubator I'm currently at.

It's loosely based on mind mapping/brainstorming software but predominately for visual spatial learners, including a user interface and experience tailored to their strengths: visually and spatially optimised design.

We need people to test our various software iterations which will be designed as per participant feedback. In return you will be able to keep any functional software we send you, that we will hope will solve any problems you are facing; If it doesn't then we will not have a viable product and will have to redesign.

If any of the following applies to you then your needs are already part of our vision:

trouble seeing the bigger picture.
lots of ideas, but trouble consolidating them & moving forward
information overlaod
trouble connecting the dots
have trouble comparing multiple ideas and research at once
difficulty compaing your research & establishing links and connections between them
would like to have a holistic overview of your projects/work/ideas etc so you have the ability to spot links & draw conclusions easily.
would like to be able to easily gather and compare content where ever it is from i.e internet browser, smart phone, sketch book etc & have it instantly appear in the software
trouble getting your project off the ground because of the overwhelming amount of information you have to process.
find your self brainstorming on paper where your creativity more easily flows, however you wish you this was more in harmony with your digital online life.
my current software is just plain dull; something more visually appealing would inspire my creativity
you prefer and find it easier to interpret text resembled as an icon,symbol or picture where ever it's practically possible

If its something you’d like to be involved, great, I look forward to hearing from you, or if you'd just like to share your thoughts or have any idea where I can find people in need of the above that would be great also.



10-14-14, 03:58 PM
I believe that a large majority of people with ADHD are not primarily spatial learners, and that a significant proportion of us are spectacularly deficient in that area. Targetting conceptual learners might make more sense.

10-14-14, 05:09 PM
Hi dvdnvwls

Thanks for your feedback, spectacularly deficient in that area meaning which area sorry?, if there not primarily spatial learners.The user poll ( suggest we are, (but I appreciate the survey is only 27 people) +

I would welcome any conceptual learners to message me too, as the visual approach will help you attach concepts and distinguish ideas them from their context & thus see more clearly

10-14-14, 06:06 PM
I quite like dull interfaces. Dull but neat with the important bits highlighted amd an extemely comorehensive and straightforward help function. I hate visual overload. Also, often icons containing a bit of text are much easier to understand and remember than symbols. I dont like GUI s that look as if they were designed to by Picasso and require an artistic interpretation...

Sorry, not sure what your question is actually. Just skimmed your post.

10-15-14, 08:38 AM
Fuzzy12, if that's what you want and u really need it we could do that for you. If it's just something is like to see then you may not be an early adopter. We deffo don't want it to be visually overloaded; the idea behind using the visual approach is to higlight what's import any from what's not;keeping It comprehensive and straightforward. Give us a shout if ur interested cheers