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10-14-14, 04:39 PM
So I have been on Adderall for some time and noticed that my memory is somewhat lagging. To supplement my memory I began taking Huperzine A which really helped, my recall is probably the best it's been in recent memory. I take anywhere between 100mcg and 200 mcg daily. The Adderall takes care of the main symptoms really well but as you can guess I've noticed that things are not as they should be and have been in the decline for some time, I've recently found out this is probably due to mild depression and the slow and progressive disintegration of any routine that I have in my life due to a fluctuating work schedule and living with roommates who, well only exacerbate my condition. The mild depression listed above has its effect on my ADHD while I'm medicating my main symptoms by contributing to difficulty focusing and exacerbating my lack motivation or difficulty becoming/staying motivated. My work schedule will become more regular and routine in a few days which will help tremendously and the roommate issue will eventually fall in allowing me to deal with my symptoms but for now a more direct approach chemically is in my opinion the best option at the moment.

Now recently I've heard that CDP-choline can increase acetylcholine and dopamine receptor densities which translates into increased attention/creativity/learning and focus. I've had quite a bit of experience using nootropics in various combinations with other nootropics and amino acids. I've heard of the brain fog that comes with piracetam and even citicoline. so in my mind I am thinking about stacking other things with citicoline to mediate the brain fog such as Phosphatidylserine and some piracetam. I will not be taking Adderall or Huperzine when I take the stack, so here's the stack details:

citicoline 250mg - 850mg/daily
phosphatidylserine 200mg-300mg 2x/daily
piracetam - 1.1g/daily maybe 2x/daily with phosphatidylserine

anyone have any thoughts on this or any experience with said stack?

[MOD NOTE: While there do not appear to be penalties for possessing or consuming piracetam, the FDA has determined that it cannot be marketed legally as a dietary supplement in the United States; it would have to be reviewed by the FDA and approved as a drug (, which it hasn't been.]

10-15-14, 06:32 AM
I get nervous anytime I hear the word stack used with supplements.

Little Missy
10-15-14, 06:38 AM
Seems to me that eating a well balanced diet might be easier.

10-25-14, 11:20 PM
From what I have read, it seems like choline may increase your depression. Some people also advise not using piracetam if you are feeling down since it can amplify your feelings. Also piracetam can stop working and seemingly never work again. I would stick to lower dosages and stop if needed. For the time it works it seems like people are having a "good" time usually. Seems almost like adhd in a way.

I would look through some threads.

11-17-14, 10:44 PM
yea that stack was a bust I'm going back to 10mg memantine once a day and/or trying selank. I'll keep everyone posted on the selank, doesn't seem to be many user reviews on it.

12-01-14, 04:25 AM
Well its been a little while and i have to say selank has to be one of the most effective treatments for anhedonia and atypical depression I've tried with minimal side effects. I took selank on 11/19 using a 500mcg dose via subcutaneous injection. The effects took about 45mins to an hour but it wasn't a "wow my world is full of colors and everything is going to be ok" feeling as this would fall under euphoria but more of a relaxing and clear thinking WITH ADHD symptoms kind of feeling. I was no longer anhedonic and I was calm.

This really has strong anxiolytic properties like they say which would be great for anxiety, Which my girlfriend already tried but she could not tell whether it worked or not since she take quite a few meds for her trifecta(GAD,MDD,ADD). Nonetheless I noticed that my anhedonia almost instantly disappeared and to my surprise my medications effects were restored to their normal potency and effect. If I had to be brief in the description of what it did I would have to list it as such:

-axiolytic = anti-anxiety, very strong but calming non-sedating feeling
-stabilizes mood
-clearer thinking but with ADHD symptoms still, it allows you to co-habitate with your ADHD in a way.
-complete reversal of anhedonia, strong anti-depressant effect.
-restores nuerochemical balance, useful for stimulant abuse or tolerance.

Being that selank is a peptide it has to be refrigerated once reconstituted and injected daily or 2x daily. The best dose for me seems to be 250mcg - 500mcg, of course everyone's biology is different so doses will vary.

I'm currently looking into SEMAX and Cerebrolysin but both of those are far down the road especially cerebrolysin given the cost. Since there is little to no info on these peptides I will be more than happy to answer peoples questions regarding my experience with selank and my knowledge of it. When I get the chance I will post on SEMAX and Cerebrolysin.

Feel free to ask me any questions about anything.

12-09-14, 06:56 PM
I should also mention that Selank has an immunomodulatory effect which I can only describe as having a runny/stuffy nose and sneezing more frequently. With that said I feel as if the last few times I was about to get sick Selank somehow kicked my lymphatic system into high gear which would explain the runny nose. I would assume there is always some harmful bacteria in the body at all times and selank gears up the lymphatic system and causes it to urge all microbes harmful to the overall organism(self).

Any ways I thought I should add that bit as of right now though I have been taking SEMAX 1.6g everyday. I'm going to start a thread on it and relay the details on said thread.

here's the link: