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10-15-14, 04:29 PM
I've just finished my studies and I'm looking for a job. So my everyday life consists of searching for positions and sending my CV.

I'm so awfully bored, I can't stand it. I just don't have anything anymore that would excite me.

- I haven't been in love for some time now. I have gone through a few infatuations but I think it was just, you know, my brain feeling so awfully bored and struggling to get some dopamine. It didn't work out with anybody and well, I don't want to force anything or try online dating, which I hate. So no excitement in the area of love & sex.

- I don't have a job, so I don't have any professional challenges. I find looking for a job and answering the same questions again and again so incredibly boring and unchallenging. I don't have any obligations towards anybody, I just have to sit and apply.

- Last months I found myself some cool hobbies, learnt a few new things not linked to the field of my expertise. But now I'm done with them, I've become quite an expert, they are not exciting anymore.

- Most of the jobs I apply for are out of the town. As I don't know how long I will stay in the town I can't sign up with any gym, since where I live you have to sign a contract for a year or so. And it's October, it gets dark after 18:00, so I don't really feel like jogging outside. So no excitement during sports.

- For the same reason, I can't renovate my flat, shop for new cool clothes and similar - I wouldn't be able to take them with me when moving out.

Any ideas how I could deal with this awful boredom?

I only have a few friends here and they are all in relationships (= little time), so I can't spend more time with them.

10-15-14, 07:09 PM
I get extremely bored sometimes too. Sometimes I just go for a walk and I usually feel better. Sometimes I can get myself to read some of the good books I've bought.

Sometimes I give somebody a phone call. Or watch some of my favorite musicians preform on YouTube. Sometimes I go to the bar, there's always somebody to talk with there.

Love is a whole different story. I have had enough of that for a while. Too often leads to hurt and hate in the end. Right now if I just date the ones I'm infatuated with, I'm happy.

Best of luck to you!

10-15-14, 08:24 PM
Well, this "giving somebody a phone call" is not really an option right now. Sadly, for the time being and in the town I'm living I hardly have any good friend I could call. I do know a few people but they all have their families/ partners, not so much time to talk.

Walking/ reading alone just gets me down.

And as strange as it may seem, my internet connection is not good enough for me to be able to watch movies online.

I know a part of the problem is that my social interaction is very limited right now - I'm just lonely - but I won't try to change it anymore, I will wait till I find a new job, which will almost certainly be in another city.

It was really awful to live here, I hope to move out soon and forget this period of my life.

10-15-14, 11:52 PM
This is exactly how i feel when im between subjects to hyperfocus on :)

pick up music or photography ;) both are infinite in their scope so you will never lean them well enough to get bored with them. Seriously, rhe more you learn about either subject, the more you'll need to learn to continue.

if not photography or music, some other major subject.

10-16-14, 02:24 AM
Maybe the fact that you're bored and a bit depressed makes you feel there's nothing to do.

Let's look at dopamine...

Sex with hunks? Just for the sex and the good looks?
Go out dancing, just for the dancing?

10-17-14, 09:52 AM
Sounds like you need to break the routine. Our lives are usually constrained by habits and routine. I'd suggest getting active and looking at peer mentoring programs. There is a revolution going on in the mental health field and anyone with a disorder can now be a peer support specialist/advocate. This means helping others like yourself adapt to lifes challenges. It is actually quite fun and it can be a very rewarding/challening career.

If you're bored, I think it is because your life isn't challenging you. Adhd people operate, live for and thrive from only two things: challenge and interest.

12-30-15, 05:50 PM
Daydreaming. ����