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10-19-14, 12:55 AM
I am currently on the Wilshire variety Dextrostat and find it to be absolutely horrible. It makes me dizzy, gives me heart palpitations, and often causes anxiety. I would also say it's worse on my sleep and appetite. I was previously on the Barr ones and, while I had virtually no side effects on it, I don't feel that they were too potent. I want to try a completely new brand and have been looking into which ones are available and have difficulty with a few things. All I know are the available brands according to a list on these forums and nothing else. I have decided on either Mallinckrodt or CorePharma, but I'm open.

Which manufacturer is on your bottle? Do you like it and feel it is the best one for you or are you at least satisfied? How well does it work and does it give you any side effects? Which other brands have you tried before if that isn't your first brand? Is there a general consensus on which brands are best and worst?

Which pharmacy do you use? Does anyone know which pharmacies carry certain brands or how to find out which brand(s) different pharmacies carry w/o calling every single one? If anyone here has Kaiser insurance, do you fill your meds at an outside pharmacy? If so, do you pay any more than you would at a Kaiser pharmacy?

I look forward to hearing from you guys.

10-19-14, 02:13 AM
I am on Barr. It's too soon to tell what the side effects are. It definitely seems to cause less immediate side effects than Adderall and Ritalin (at least so far). I usually don't feel the medication much when I'm on it, but it definitely seems to help my attention. Sometimes I do feel like it makes my heart beat a little faster when it kicks in (especially when I'm dehydrated or very stressed), so I want to try Mallinckrodt and see if it's smoother.

Some pharmacies are willing to special order certain brands. You could call them and ask. CVS special ordered a specific generic brand of Ritalin and brand name Focalin for me. Unfortunately, not all CVS stores are willing to do this, so you're probably going to have to call multiple stores and ask until you find the right store.

Based on this post ( Walmart and ShopRite carry Mallinckrodt dextroamphetamine.

10-20-14, 10:05 PM
I called the same CVS store today and they agreed to special order Mallinckrodt dextroamphetamine for me.

10-21-14, 02:12 AM
Zenzedi i believe is a form of it?

10-21-14, 10:49 PM
Hey OP, I think i can somehow relate to you because I had similar symptoms(dizziness, palpitations and etc) when I initially switched from Barr to Wilshire. However, the side effects from Wilshire will disappear if you keep up with the dosage as your body is getting used to it.

Mallinckrod is my favorite generic, it's more potent than Barr and much more potent than Corepharma. It's onset is very mellow compares to Wilshire's rush-n-crash, and the effect is much more stable and predictable than Barr.

As for pharmacies, there are 3 wholesale distributors in the US. Amerisource Bergen, Cardinal and McKesson. And mallinckrodt mainly uses Amerisource Bergen. I filled my mallinckrodt at Walmart and you can ask the pharmacist to place a specialized order if mallin is not available. Some pharmacists will say they get whatever the wholesaler chooses to give,that's false. They can always slip in an extra DEA CII order form when they submit orders.

10-21-14, 11:24 PM
I get Dextroamphetamine 10mg. tablet/IR by Mallinckrodt from my Publix Grocery store pharmacy.

I wish they came in larger size. Other than Zendedi which is considered a brand name, 10mg. is the highest dose in tablet/IR form.

I hate the feeling I have when I am picking up my prescription. There are 120 pills in my bottle for a month at 40mg/day. I feel like everybody is looking at me and the pharmacists are whispering about me. I feel so judged when there is no proof or reason to feel that way. I don't actually believe that, but it feels that way. That is just too many pills.

10-22-14, 03:49 PM
Mallinckrodt is my favorite. I've tried wilshire, barr/teva and the corepharma brand, forget it's name. Anyways, Mallinckrodt is the smoothest with the least sideffects amongst instant and extended I've tried. The only issue I have is actually finding it and pronouncing its name when ordering it, haha.

10-23-14, 02:34 AM
I need a new manufacturer like yesterday! I just cannot deal with this "medication" anymore. I wonder how it's even legal to sell faulty pills that clearly many people can't tolerate? The side effects aren't nearly as bad anymore like one poster said, but I'll take them back as long as it will at least give me whatever little help it gave me up until recently. This past couple weeks or so, my level of daily functioning has been declining day by day. My dosage has been increased a couple days ago to 40 a day (and I too got a script for 120 btw), but it has done squat. I haven't done anything different than normal and actually got over 18 hours of sleep this weekend, much more than I normally get. I also took a drug vacation on Friday and less than my normal dose the following day, same thing for the past few weekends while trying to compensate w/ caffeine, so my tolerance shouldn't be so high. I am positive it's the manufacturer. I am literally nonfunctional today and was last night as well when I tried to do some homework. I could not shut my thoughts up and literally could not even write down the first problem. Guess how far I got when I tried again after getting up in the morning? I wrote down "1." This medication has now literally halted any therapeutic effect that it had and has become a placebo. The only thing it's good for is frequently reminding me how severe my symptoms are. Thanks Wilshire for giving me my old self back. That's actually half true since it did diddly squat yesterday during my speech class where we had a surprise speech, posing as tour guides while walking around the campus. I was lucky enough to be assigned as one of the 2 main tour guides because we're quiet. Let me tell you, I ended up enjoying it because I was the complete opposite of quiet that entire day and was in full class clown mode during the impromptu. Good thing there was a lot of moving around because the placebos certainly didn't do me any favors. They MAYBE helped me with my earlier class, but not much and I became increasingly hyper and my attention span went back to normal by my speech class, despite having taken my second dose of 20 mg less than 2 hrs before the latter. I got the OK to use another 5 mg as needed and you know the rest. Otherwise, refer back to my quality work w/ the number 1 written on it.

I'm still trying to figure out if it's me or the defective pills, or a possible combination of factors. I could not and can not even perform the simplest of tasks in a timely manner. My thought processes are extremely slow. I can barely comprehend anything that I normally would easily figure out. I am also extremely tired. I even thought about parking spaces as seats repeatedly before catching myself after only meaning to say it metaphorically the first time. The only thing that kept me attentive while driving was driving it in "manual" mode. I am extremely irritable and can't even tolerate my dog bugging me. And I've been doing some weird thing with my throat all day for the past couple days and I can't stop or figure out whether it's a stim or compulsion so I can bring it up and do something about it. The kicker - I have a midterm tomorrow for speech when I knew it was coming but never thought to find out when, after missing nearly a week of all my classes and being extremely busy last week as a result. Even better, I have two more exams + a speech next week. Might as well be finals week. Am I just extremely lucky that my meds have started to fail me NOW of all possible times? I would like to believe it's me and not the meds so I can actually fix the problem and become productive again. I haven't even begun to study for this damn midterm and I seriously doubt my special audiobook version would be much more help.

Oh, but at least I will always remember that I took the candy...I mean pills because they show they're presence in those other ways. All negatives and no positives. Might as well be street drugs. I may sound more bitter than the pills taste, well, just do the math.

10-23-14, 02:46 AM
Tl;dr - Ill translate when my brain starts functioning again and when I have more time on my hands. :)

After calling CVS (multiple stores), Walgreens, and Walmart as soon as I got the script on Monday (120 tabs to my surprise because I normally get 60 or 90), I was told by everyone of them that they don't accept Kaiser insurance and I would be forced to pay full price. No way in hell am i paying in full for that many pills, especially when myself and entire split family are currently tight on money by coincidence due to various circumstances and still spending on education, repairs, and we must have our shiny new things. (Hell, now that I think about it, I'll GLADLY sacrifice buying a "new" ipad if I have no other choice, just so I can function and quit feeling like toilet chocolate all the time.) Now I'm veering off topic and forgot my point for a minute. :scratch: Oh yeah, after giving up hope on the non-Kaiser pharmacies, I concluded that I probably wasted my time anyway because I was sure the numerous pharmacies Kaiser has must have different stocks of meds from each other so they should carry various manufacturers right?

Wrong. I used what little free time I had over the course of the last few days, first staying up late to look up and copy the info of over 20 different locations within a 25 mi radius, many of which had up to multiple different pharmacies, and then calling as many as possible when I could. I'll have you guys take a guess on the answer and maybe I'll give you my bitter candy for free if you guess correctly: A. It was no better than asking every Burger King in your area if they sell Big Macs or Happy meals and then asking if they can make a special order for you because you're allergic to Whoppers; B. Refer to A, except they would willing to at least try to make a special order when you come in, but it will take a week; C. They cant give that info to patients over the phone so you would have to drive all over the pace to physically hand them the script just to find out; D. They don't have dex at all in stock; E. All of the above
Ive always thought Kaiser was great until I realized this week that it's practically a prison.

I should mention that didn't call EVERY single one on my list and didn't even bother looking at every result that came up during a search on their website. Im sure 30+ was plenty. I first called the closer pharmacies that were only open weekdays and close before my 2nd class is over and saved the open late and 24 hr ones for later for obvious reasons. Earlier today, after having called about 20 different pharmacies in total, I gave up and concluded I would just be wasting my time because what are the chances that any of them carry anything other than Hellshire when I had no luck w/ the dozens i already called? Why bother? :mad: I'm not even focused anymore on Mallinckrodt or CP. At this point I'll take anything, including Teva/Barr because even though it was not potent enough for me, I was still a lot more productive on it and it never made me feel like I belong in a toilet.

Btw can anyone clear up for me whether they are the same thing or not? One of the pharmacists I talked to told me that they aren't. Now im :confused: because I've read multiple times regarding both Adderall and Dex that they are the same company.

Bonus question: How does this end? A. Lost all hope and gave qup and now I have to figure out how to live, much less do well next week w/o the proper treatment; B. A + caved in to Wilshire and got it filled anyway; C. Took the script to one of my familiar pharmacies and requested a special order after describing the circumstances; D; None of the above

I'll update later because I really should go to bed and have been writing this for hours.

10-25-14, 10:07 PM
Is the quiz that hard? #1 was E. All of the above. Most of them had Wilshire, and only a couple in big hospitals said they MIGHT be able to make a special order. A good portion of them couldn't tell me over the phone and I wasn't going to waste my time with them unless I had no other options. A couple didnt have dex at all in stock. One had Teva, which I assumed was Barr, but I was so desperate that I still considered going to them except for one problem: I was transferred there after calling another pharmacy and never thought to ask them which one they were! :doh:

I ended up C. Taking the script to a pharmacy that was willing to make a special order, but it'll take at least a week. I requested Mallinckrodt but told them I'll take anything but Wilshire. At that time, I was going through serious anxiety symptoms. Eg, on the way home that night, I became paranoid that a cop was following me after racing down the freeway at 90+ and then seeing the same set of headlights in my rear view mirror for miles no matter where I went.

The next day I decided not to take them and took Adderall instead which, too, was like taking placebos as two 20 mg doses throughout the day did absolutely nothing for me. All i got was a taste of the old me, banging on desks, staring outside windows, saying "wait what?" every 5 minutes, and being the very last person to finish an easy test. I guess I should have expected that out of Adderall if an even stronger medication made out of pure dextro wouldn't even help me.

I called my pdoc after my last class because I realized how dire the situation was. I cant wait a week for decent meds when I have two tests and a speech coming up in that week and I haven't even paid much attention during the lectures, let alone even began to study. I really didn't even know what I was asking. What actually came out of my mouth was a request to revise the Rx and specify that I cant tolerate the Wilshire type and that I need another manufacturer. My dr was out sick so I have to wait until Monday to talk to him. The problem is, I already sent in the script. So how is that even possible unless it were possible to cancel the order? What other options do I have other than toughing it out and waiting who knows how long until the order is ready? Why is it so hard to get what I need? Is this just an issue with kaiser or insurance companies in general?

10-27-14, 10:52 AM
Every month I have to call atleast 10 places to find all of my stuff, so I'm familiar with the ridiculousness. I told my doc how hard it is to find meds.

She suggested that I call a mom and pop pharmacy and build a relationship to where they'd order them for me and keep them stocked if I come in every month. I haven't tried that yet because I never wanted to wait a week for them to order my stuff, if they would order stuff when I call them like a week before I need it that wiuld work.

So yah, it takes some work, but once you get a good pharmacy that will work with you, you're set. It's not just the mom and pops though, I've had a Target pharmacy tell me they'd order for me. It just depends on how long you want to wait, which for me usually means not wanting to wait a single day let alone a week. Amphetamines I could probably live a week without but not benzo's, they're no joke.

10-28-14, 04:54 AM
Have you asked whatever pharmacy you used that took your insurance for this last script if they can order another brand? Pharmacists can be dicks about doing this but if you're firm,nice and persistent they can do this despite what they say. I know that my old pharmacy switched me to another brand of adderall and I was able to have them order the one I had previously been on,it just took a little longer. When I took dex I had Barr which worked great for me.