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10-20-14, 01:24 AM
I'm new here and new to ADHD!
I just posted my story in the intro section and in writing it, realised something strange.., it seems like most times as soon as a strategy begins to really 'kick in', a subconscious part of me tries to sabotage it and I stop/ignore/blank any further thoughts of actually doing that strategy.

Can anyone help how I can get past this 'sabotaging' if I realise it's happening?

Here's an example if you need one. After I self diagnosed my inattentive ADHD and was waiting to see a pyschiatrist, I found a tip about using timers so I went out and bought 4 cheap alarm clocks with ringers that never stop till you turn them off.

I labelled them Washing Machine, Outside line, Inside Line, Dryer, I think there was even another one called Folding... anyway they REALLY HELPED for about 10 days then we entertained and they got hidden away (so no one would laugh at me!).

From then on I forgot about them. I finally discovered them again, but I just go blank about trying to use them.... it feels like I don't want to or can't use them and yet I do want to, they seriously really helped.

Oh yeah that's right I had a clock for the dishwasher too.

What am I missing here.....? Can anyone shed any light on this?

On reading this over, I am thinking maybe it's not so much 'sabotage' as rather that when my new system got interrupted, I then found it too hard to set it up again..... it feels too hard to remember what to do and yet another part of my brain says 'Hey it wasn't rocket science dummy get on and do the hard work of re-thinking it out again' ... aaagh that's too hard!


10-23-14, 01:59 AM
I think keeping a diary is a good move. I put in things to be done, experiences, observations and my mood. I think this is a great tool.

10-23-14, 02:03 AM
Uh huh. Yes I can see that could be a very useful tool.

Do you just use a standard diary or something else?

10-25-14, 12:51 PM
I don't have any magic answers, but your post caught my eye and I knew exactly what it was going to be about. ;) It's the nature of the ADD beast to be much better at setting up systems than maintaining them. I'll offer a few ideas, though, in hopes that something might click for you. Possibly a buddy or accountability partner? Or that prevailing wisdom that it takes doing something for 21 days to form a new habit? A reward or a bet - give the accountability person $100 in an envelope and if you don't follow through they get to keep the money? :D

I wish you success - I can so relate to this difficulty establishing routines and such.

10-26-14, 09:09 AM
Uh huh. Yes I can see that could be a very useful tool.

Do you just use a standard diary or something else?

I just use a regular A4 diary. I've got to admit I don't always use it but I have forced it into habit.

10-26-14, 09:50 AM
Over the Years I've tried to use so many strategies but none of them ever work for long. I need reminders to use reminders. It takes forever to make anything a habit and if they habit gets interrupted it's just too much effort to get into the habit again.

Maybe you could start small again. Just start with one of your alarms and then gradually add the others.

10-26-14, 03:24 PM
Haha I love the name of this thread. Makes me think of the numerous techniques I've tried. None have yet been successful but all seem promising when they're new and innovative. I soon lose interest unfortunately! :( Presently I'm using Evernote. Even if this doesn't last I will at least have the app on my phone so might check my "lists" from time to time!!

10-26-14, 08:17 PM
Thanks everyone, great tips here! I think I'll try that $money in the envelope one with my husband, the money will be the exact amount of cash for something I've been dying to get. Thanks again