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10-20-14, 04:03 AM

Interesting read

10-20-14, 09:13 AM
That's a good one! Thanks

10-20-14, 10:51 AM
Further, while a decrease in symptoms at puberty is common for boys, the opposite is true for girls, whose symptoms intensify as estrogen increases in their system, thus complicating the general perception that ADHD is resolved by puberty.

Is the bolded part true? The author of the article doesn't cite any sources for that statement. What's the link between estrogen and symptoms?

10-20-14, 03:53 PM
I've read this article and really enjoyed it. I was intrigued with the part she talks about symptoms subsiding in men and intensifying in women post puberty. Except I'm skeptical about the "intensifying in women" idea. I'd like to see some research on this. I think it may be a misrepresentation of symptoms. Our symptoms may appear to intensify because they become more apparent as we become more independent and especially as we enter college and begin to study at higher level of education but I don't think it's a result of the condition worsening. But who am I to assume if there really is a trend here?

The link to estrogen seems interesting too. I wonder if this means our symptoms will lessen post menopaus? ;) So long to wait!

Thanks for sharing!

10-20-14, 10:44 PM
when I was wrongfully allowed a room of my own, leaving me with no mother to check up on “that space between your bed and the wall,” where moldy teacups, money, and important documents would lie dormant. I maintained a room so cluttered that fire inspectors not only threatened to fine me $200 if I didn’t clean, they insisted it was the messiest room they had ever seen (boys’ included!) in their 20 years of service. Throughout college, I would lose my ID and keys about five times a semester. I’d consistently show up for work three hours early or three hours late. I once misplaced my cellphone only to find it, weeks later, in a shoe.
I had the same things happen when I was in college. Embarrassing but true :o.

10-21-14, 06:28 AM
Is the bolded part true? The author of the article doesn't cite any sources for that statement. What's the link between estrogen and symptoms?

I have the same experience: my ADHD got a lot worse after puberty; yet I read in another article (don't remember which one) that estrogen is supposed to make attention better. When I was taking my birth control pills, which were mainly estrogen based (Yaz), my attention span, focus and memory were a lot worse, not to mention my moods and insomnia, so I doubt estrogen helps with anything. But anecdotal evidence is not evidence... It bothers me that this issue isn't being researched more.

10-22-14, 07:40 AM
I have no "hard" evidence, but after lurking around ADHD forums since 2007 I'm pretty certain of my findings.

It seems ADHD women are extremely sensitive to hormones in general.

Some (like me) experience paradise during pregnancy, with ADHD symptoms going down to almost none. Others become monsters.

The same with menopause. Some don't even notice it, while others become (like me) ******* from hell.