View Full Version : Absurd Dosing for 1wk, Cautionary

10-20-14, 06:24 PM
Taken as listed and concurrent to anything else on the same line.

day 1
7x 20mg IR
Two hours later: snort 4x 20mg IR, 4x30mg XR

Day 2
3x 20mg IR, 2x 30mg IR

Day 3
6x 30mg IR, 3x 30mg XR
1mg Xanax

Day 4
9x 30mg XR
.5mg Xanax
400mg 5-hTp

Day 5
354mg DXM
4000mg l-tyrosine

Day 6
900mg bupropion XL snorted
6x 30mg XR
150mg bupropion XL snorted

Wtf......beware people, this is almost as bad as when I did meth habitually. For some there I no toeing the line. Pass along you wishes for recovery and peace, this can't end well. This is almost as addictive meth which first started me down this road.

Irritability, logic processing seriously impaired, physically weakened, lethargic, apathetic, depressed. I hate everything and everyone, mood is definitely down.

Little Missy
10-20-14, 06:41 PM
Huh. Maybe you need to ride a different bicycle.

10-20-14, 07:06 PM
What are you taking?

How are you getting it?

You've just taken more than a month's worth of meds in just 6 days!

How are you going to get more?

So many of us can't even afford the usual monthly script.

Hard to have sympathy for someone who wastes so many meds.

Sorry, but that's how I feel. (could have something to do with the migraine)

10-21-14, 04:25 AM
Anytime I see the word snort in the same context as meds I get bristled.

10-21-14, 08:37 AM
Best wishes for recovery and peace but what you need more than wishes is to see someone to help you with your addiction issues!! You are right. Unless you stop, this won't end well.

10-21-14, 11:09 AM
I'm with Fuzzy on this one. imo you need
professional help& treatment. But someone
cannot be forced to get help, they and only
they have to truly want help.

10-21-14, 11:15 AM

My jimmies are rustled

Brb op snorts meds
Brb not sure if on blue light or addf

10-21-14, 11:40 AM
This is the substance abuse subforum. Some people have trouble with stimulants like others have trouble with benzos and alcohol.

Addiction is a common comorbid condition with ADHD.

Clearly the current med regime is *not* working for the OP, as they are unable to take meds as prescribed.

Louder Than Love
12-11-14, 10:53 AM
Sounds to me like you need a very serious comedown opiate, sleep for 18 hours and re-evaluate this whole thing. you're gonna implode if you keep doing that.