View Full Version : Those weeks when things are going fairly well, then . . .

10-25-14, 01:19 PM
. . . the toilet has problems - three times, two of which involve a flooded bathroom floor.

When all the crisis is over, and the cleanup - but not every last thing back in place because a) you want to be absolutely sure the toilet won't overflow again and you'd just have to move all the stuff again, and b) just dealing with the worst of it was exhausting enough.

When you are stupid enough to mention it to a person who doesn't understand how this sort of thing throws you all off whatever bit of order and routine you were just beginning to establish and you get really annoyed and want to smart off to that person. :mad:

When you are also coping with money and space limitations, clutter you're trying desperately to find a solution to, and you don't want more stuff moved around and going missing, and that person says "Why don't you just call Roto-Rooter?" AAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!:doh: