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10-25-14, 03:23 PM

I'm planning to hopefully attend law school and I have ADHD. However I have difficulty with standardized test format and my scores don't accurately reflect my true intellectual, conceptual, and logical capability.

Additionally I'm not afraid to acknowledge I have ADHD, since I overcame and continue to improve by ninety percent with correct help. I'll be graduating with a B.A. degree in Liberal Studies with concentration in Political Science and International Affairs. However I want to get ahead start in preparation and I was wondering if anyone could offer or know where I could find information on how to approach studying and preparation so I can achieve a high score.

Thank you for the help.

10-25-14, 04:11 PM
Hey gflowenbraun,
I am going to be writing my MCAT for me meds are really helping. But recently I have just started working with a coach online. It is proving to be quite helpful. I find the medication brings out my 100% abilities. If you like we can chat on Skype and help each other. Send me a message on ADDF for the contact info. Other thing that has helped me so much is hyping things up so much that way they seem so interesting and I get really involved with it like its the love of my life that is how I deal with it.

11-04-14, 11:49 AM
Hey there,

I have ADHD and attend a top law school in the U.S. I also had the same majors as you when I was in undergrad! I had trouble with the LSAT's reading comprehension section, which brought down my overall score. I had to take the exam twice (the first time I took it, I did pretty terribly). Because it was nearly impossible to get accommodations back when I took the exam, I had to take a year off just to practice my speed on the exam to bring up my overall score. I still ended up having to leave ~5 or so qs blank for the reading comp. I basically had to make sure I was getting a perfect score in the measures that did not have a lot of reading. It took a lot of hard work and disappointments along the way, but it is possible to do well on the exam/in law school if you really have the drive.

Fortunately for you, LSAC got sued so it is much easier to get accommodations than it was before. I would highly recommend trying to go this route.

My biggest recommendation to you is to be aware of your ADHD and advocate for yourself. I made the mistake of trying to hide the issue when I started law school, because I had done so well in undergrad (of course this was thanks to good meds and accommodations). I kind of felt I didn't need that stuff anymore. You DO need help, especially in an environment like law school and it is totally okay! Do NOT let the competitive and judgmental atmosphere lead you to doubt yourself or question whether you are doing the right thing by getting accommodations. I took my meds infrequently/did not seek accommodations in my first semester. I had a 3.15. I switched meds and got accommodated and got a 3.8+ the next semester and received the highest score in my class on one exam.

Please message me if you have any qs along the way. I want to help!

12-17-14, 10:37 PM
I just took the LSATs a couple weeks ago and I have the same major as well!

The one HUGE thing I would recommend is taking an LSAT prep class. While the classes are helpful to people whether or not they have ADHD, I think it was especially helpful because it forced/provided me time to study. For me, I knew there was no way I was going to successfully prepare on my own due to my horrendous time management skills and a learning style that prefers discussion/interaction to maintain interest.
I took a prep course through Kaplan and have no complaints. They have a lot of online material and tools that are very helpful as well as the 'Higher Score Guarantee'.
The one thing I would suggest is taking the LSAT right after the class. I took the class in Feb-May and didn't take the test until December. My instructor said he took the class at the same time of year as we were, took the test in October, did really well, and pretty much convinced everyone in my class to skip the June exam and wait lol.
However, I found that a long summer of 50+ hours/week made it difficult to continue my prep and I ended up taking the December test.
Whatever you choose to do, good luck! If you want more info on the class feel free to ask, and I'd love to hear what strategies you have developed to help with ADHD!

11-15-16, 04:58 PM
I've taken the LSAT 4x over a period of a decade. Always in the 140s , I also did a prep course. I was gonna use my GI bill for an MBA program but after going over the prep material I think I'm gonna pass.
Honestly, I'm happy for someone who got a top score , but I don't think they have ADHD , or else they would struggle.
Having ADHD sucks I feel like a total loser and I live in Boston where everyone has a great degree and the job the wanted. Lol I know cry me a river but it sucks nevertheless