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10-25-14, 05:14 PM
Corey Guiness sat in the ornate dining room of the old mansion, his senses already feasting on the lavish spread provided by the mysterious benefactor that had led him, and others like him, to this mansion outside of Amado Bela, California. His eyes took in the drafty dining hall, the stone walls, huge chairs and large early 60s era table covered with delectable treats. As Corey began to pile a steak hoagie with 'the works' he wondered which was more abnormal, being a T.V. star at 18, or being a werewolf. He devoured the hoagie, and waited for the rest of Amado Bels's monstas, his claws tapping impatiently...

10-30-14, 07:32 PM
I'm making this an interactive story... Jump in!

11-11-14, 03:36 PM
His senses were stifled as he smelled something foul coming from the ceiling. 'Am I alone?' Deep inside himself he heard a howl that drove him mad. He looked around and then down to see that it was his stomach. An echo to his reply had come when he very quickly heard a loud noise fluttering. An owl flew above his head simply watching him. He licked his lips and started to prepare himself to spring onto his live prey, but, just as he was about to attack, he was interuptted. He heard a loud noise that sounded like someone clearing their throat "Ahem" Startled he felt the need to explain himself to the dark corner of the room where he heard the noise"Excuse my intrusion dear sir" he said with a grin "The smell of this delightful feast gave me the only invitation that I needed."
The owl studied him for a bit, then it turned its head backwards then it flew away. "What a rude fellow." He mumbled. "Forgive my friend, she can be rude when she is curious." A shadow appeared before him, one his keen senses failed to detect.
The werewolf became startled by the presence of something...rotton. It was the foulest smelling thing he had ever come accross. "Not hungry?" Said the shadow. 'No...i've lost my appetite.' Curiously, the howl inside of him died down, he began to transform back to his human self. 'Well that wasn't supposed to happen for another month.' The shadow looked at him for a moment in silence "Please stay, its been a long time since we've had guests, especialy one as interesting as yourself..we 're all so bored here." 'Have you tried getting cable?' Said the werewolf "Do I look like ******* dracula? I'm not made of money...the mortgage on this castle is outrageous" said the shadow, frustratedly. They stared at eachother in silence, then the werewolf said" I would've liked to stay but I have to go to group therapy...werewolves anonymous" He smiled as he pulled out a silver chip with a paw mark on it. The shadow looked at him then the chip, "seriously?"
"Ya, my therapist thinks I have abandonment issues, but i'm making great progress in my regresion therapy, I found I had a lot of childhood trauma that just- well I should probably save it for the group. The shadow looked at him with a long pause, and then bellowed in laughter "that is the lamest thing i've ever heard." The werewolf sat annoyed, "well I really must be going." The shadow quickly stopped laughing, "yes ofcourse, perhaps another time then.""Fat chance" mumbled the werewolf. As the werewolf moved towards the door the owl flew down and perched on a lantern. As this happened the doors closed, and the werewolf stood there in the dark, unsure what to do at this point. "Im very terribly sorry, she can be quite stubborn when it comes to guests, it really has been a long time since we've had visitors." "I can tell" The werewolf lights a ciggarette, and sighed, the shadow let out a girlish scream *eeeeee!!!!* "let me show you to your room." Said the shadow eagerly.

11-11-14, 04:22 PM
Weren't there supposed to be other monsters? Said the werewolf as they ascended up the stairs. "Ya it was bring your own blood though, so I imagine no one else is going to show up." Said the shadow. "You don't have many friends do you?" Said the werewolf. "I've got friends on the internet" said the shadow annoyed. They both stared at eachother awkwardly. Well here you are" said the shadow. "Thanks said the were wolf, "say what do I call you anyways? "My mother calls me stephen but you can call me steve. "Your mom?" Said the werewolf? "Well ya, this is her basement, can't you tell by all the concrete stones? I mean the upstairs is waay nicer than this dump...but you cant go up there." Steve said sternly. "Uh...okay..." Said the werewolf. "And you, what is your name?" Said Steve. "It's Corey, Corey Guiness" They stared at eachother for a few akward seconds, "like the beer?" Said Steve " the beer." "Did your dad LIKE guiness?" "Just because my last name is guiness doesnt mean I come from a family of alcoholics and to be honest pops only drank blood, he was a vampire." Said Corey. "A vampire? That makes you half vampire, do you practice vampirism?" Said steve "Nah, Im spiritual, not religious." Well goodnight said Steve, ill wake you up if any guests show up. Corey just nodded and waved his hand as he looked over at the tv. He grabbed the remote and began flipping channels..."basic.." he said with dispair.

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Added the second part because I realized it wasn't exactly congruent with what you wrote above :/

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'Gotta go get something to wash this down' Corey said, his words accented by his ivory wolf teeth. He started down the stairs, hoping they had Dr. Pepper. He was technically underage, AND it wouldn't do for the young star of the kid's network show Cody Wolf to be seen slamming a beer. Especially in wereform. Success had made an impact on his life, but not too much. His parents kept him grounded. Not the punitive grounding-so much-as keeping him level, ensuring that Corey had as a normal life as a young t.v. star suffering from lycanthropy could have. Corey came from a long line of werewolves and a not as long, but respectable line of performers.