View Full Version : Mallinckrodt vs Barr Dex tablets

10-30-14, 12:07 AM
I'm switching from Barr Dexedrine tablets to Mallinckrodt Dexedrine tablets and I'm trying to figure out the dose. I've been told that Mallinckrodt Dexedrine is more potent than Barr. What is the Mallinckrodt equivalent to 5mg of Barr Dexedrine?

El Goobercabra
11-12-14, 11:19 PM
I just switched as well. Actually, for insurance/cost reasons, I went from 2x10mg spansules am and 2-3 10mg tablets to 5 10mg tablets. At first, I was taking 1 tablet. Since dex can be subtle, I was unsure exactly how long it was lasting and how frequently to dose. I think I may have been on too much--and that's considering that Mallinckrodt is stronger than Barr, though it Barr feels more..dirty, as others have said, like maybe there's some levo-amp still in there (I've never taken adderall, just concerta, ritalin ir, vyvanse, and dexedrine).

Now, I'm trying taking a half tab of the Mallincrkodt every 2 far so good! I feel much more normal, more like myself--feel like my sense of humor is closer to normal. For me, too much dex, even by a modest amount, can lead to anxiety, even though I don't get any physical effects.

Sorry for rambling! To (try to) answer your question, I can't say that 5mg M=10mg Barr, since I think 10mg Barr may have been slightly too high. Maybe, depending on the person, it's closer to Barr=75-80% of Mallinckrodt.

It's tricky; again, since (for me) dex FEELS subtle physically, it might take a couple of days to figure out what Mall. dose works for you. But, the brands feel different, so it's also possible, I suppose, that you might do better on the same amount of Mall. dex or perhaps even higher. Meaning, perhaps some who take Barr, because of its negatives, are on a lower than optimal dose due to the side effects.