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10-31-14, 10:26 AM
My five year old started kindergarten this year and has been diagnosed with ADHD. We have just moved to OKC and are having a horrible time getting him services. In the past week he has escaped from the school 3 different times. This morning I got a call saying that a parent had found him outside by himself! We I told the principal that he requires more supervision, I was told that they didn't have someone who could watch him the all the time. I just don't know what to do. Is it not there job to keep my child safe? There suggestion is to put him in a half day pre k program. He is not behind. I don't understand how this will help. The schools answer to this was basically, We won't have to deal with watching him the whole day. Does anyone have experience with this. Thank you for you help.

10-31-14, 02:06 PM
You need to get an educational advocate, and write a letter to the school requesting an evaluation for an IEP. (Individual Education Plan). In that letter mention that he has been diagnosed with ADHD, request that a Functional Behavioral Analysis be done to figure out why he is eloping from the classroom, and ask for an evaluation for a behavioral support aide.

He doesn't have to be behind academically to qualify for an IEP. You can have "functional" goals for things like remaining in the classroom, sitting appropriately during group floor activites, and staying on task.

They can't force you to send him back to preschool -- that would be a denial of FAPE (free and appropriate public education). An advocate can help you word all this in a way that will get their attention and hopefully motivate the school to make some changes.

Read the book From Emotions to Advocacy by Peter Wright to learn more about the IEP process and your rights.

10-31-14, 02:10 PM
What school isn't responsible for knowing where all children are all the time? That's crazy!
You don't have to be diagnosed to disappear as a child!
That's called being a child!

Unacceptable. If he is interfering with their ability to teach/supervise others that's one thing. If the biggest problem is your child "escaping" that's another!
Escaping from what?
When I taught pre-school all of my known problem kids, bitters, runners, fighters, were always right next to me so I could keep them busy and always have my eye on them. That was my job.

Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if all the children just came in and sat down and followed all the rules and never created any problems!

Not in the world I live in.

I would stay on them and make sure the meet all the needs of the children in their care just like the mission statement says!

If there are specific concerns from them or you, mention them to your child's DR and see what they say.

I wish good things for you!

10-31-14, 05:33 PM
May I suggest that you need to become as much an expert on ADHD as you can.

Here is a place to start.

There are others but this is reasonable place to start.

Next I suggest you learn as much about the relevant laws as you can.

A good place to start on that is Wrightslaw

You have to be the informed advocate for your child as best you can. If you don't usually no one else will step up to fill in and your child can fall between the cracks.

Take care.