View Full Version : Anyone had any faulty Concerta XL tablets?

10-31-14, 10:35 AM

As per title.

I'm currently on 2x18mg tablets a day. They are the Janssen ALTO18 tablets. Have been working wonders at levelling me out. I've been ensuring I avoid MSG and Aspartme in my diet too. Also abstaining from Alcohol to give myself a fighting chance!

Up to this latest repeat prescription I was utterly on point! No stress. No drama. This latest batch suddenly appear to be doing nothing. Been on them since April 2014. My Doctor is calling me today anyway and I have an appointment with the Psychiatrist next Fri for a scheduled review.

Just wondered if anyone has ever noticed any marked differences between batches?

This is my first blip with current pills. I tried a single shot ALTO 36 treatment in May but it didn't work. The 2x18mg tablets did. Up to now.....