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Alterations in the planetary magnetic field and effects on the human EEG ?

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Planetary field weakening over USA where ADHD is particularly shining through.

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Russia is stealing the North Pole!? :scratch: :eyebrow: :eek:

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Connection ESP and REM

One environmental variable that warrants further attention is the earth’s geomagnetic field (GMF).
Periods of lower GMF activity have been associated with reports of
spontaneous precognitive dreams (Krippner et al., 2000) and greater accuracy on
experimental dream ESP trials (Dalton et al., 1999; Krippner & Persinger, 1996;Persinger & Krippner, 1989 but see also Sherwoodet al., 2000).

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My bad. I'll tone down my magnetic personality. :p :lol:

( popped into my mind each time i read the thread title and I couldn't resist any

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The Earth's Magnetic Field is Changing

Regardless of your good intentions,.. I read that title and all I got is:
"one more thing you have to worry about now..." ;)