View Full Version : A proposed model of the aetiology of ADHD

Kunga Dorji
11-02-14, 12:06 AM
I am excited to announce that I have made my first formal approach to instigatee formal scientific research into the question of orthostatic intolerance as a cause of much ADHD symptomatology.

I attach here a link to my blog, which I have been working on since 2010. It contains my best attempt yet at formally describing my proposed model of ADHD causation and an explanation of the genetics of ADHD.

Please be aware that this material is copyright under a creative commons licence. Feel free to pass it on and share it, but you must link to the original and you must acknowledge me as the author.

My name is in the blog. My blog is not a commercial site and I am not aiming to do anything other than further the sharing of knowledge. In ADHD - we are all in this together and we all have to help each other.

Ultimately I hope to see this article spawning dozens of research projects. So if anyone knows anyone who may be interested- please get them to cotact me via a pm here or via my blog.