View Full Version : ADHD and Breastfeeding?

11-03-14, 11:41 PM
Hello all, I am new here! I have lurked for awhile, but just joined. :)
I was recently diagnosed with ADHD. I have had it my entire life (obviously) but with two kids (2 years apart) a part time job, a husband, a house...things just got to be too much and I decided to talk to a psychiatrist about it.

Well the thing is I am still nursing my (almost) 10 month old. My dr says she doesn't want to medicate me while I am nursing. I understand her hesitancy. I am a RN, I get the risks. I have tried weaning, but baby just doesn't care for the bottle from me.

Not sure where to go from here, anyone else been in these shoes? Has anyone tried a medication that is relatively safe to take while Bfing?

Thanks! :)

11-05-14, 03:17 PM
Medication is not the only way to treat ADHD.

If you have made it this far without medication, I would wait until your child is not breastfeeding anymore before possibly trying medication.

You and your husband could discuss and explore along with your doctor, ways you both could help support each other to reduce the amount of emotional distress in your family's lives.

Learning ways of reducing emotional distress should be part of ADHD treatment for all families, and should be explored before possibly trying medication anyway.

Medication doesn't solve all ADHD problems, emotional distress can make symptoms of ADHD worse, and it would be good to be aware and work on improving environmental factors that may be making symptoms worse, and would also help to figure how much medication you may or may not need in the future.

I am not a doctor, please discuss these topics with your doctor.