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11-08-14, 12:07 PM
Hello my fellow ADD/ADHD ladies. I'm very happy to have found this site, and discover that there are many other individuals like myself who are coping with ADD/ADHD. We should get medals! Here's a little bit about myself:

I was diagnosed with ADD at the age of 11. Growing up, I experienced separation anxiety until around the 4th grade. I also was a bed wetter until the sixth grade. I didn't display the typical signs of ADD (inattentiveness, impulsiveness) at school, however at home I was a tornado. Thus I was put on medication, in the fifth grade.

I have been on Adderal XR 20 mg for the past 12-13 years now. I'm 22, and a senior in college. Within these past 6 months, I began having anxiety/panic attacks, that eventually led into depression. I have no history of this, and on the contrary am quite happy/go lucky. My doctor believes it was the birth control pill I had recently started taking (APRI), and that my body became out of whack from these synthetic hormones. I no longer take the birth control pill. I AM NOT BLAMING THE ADDERALL HERE. I have been prescribed sertraline (zoloft) 50 mg to cope while my body is healing, and I have to say I feel about 90% better...

I'm giving all this background information, because recently I have been trying to live a more "natural" life. I try to exercise daily and I eat well. I feel bad that I have been on the adderall pill for so long (because it is a drug), and desperately want to try something more natural. Under my doctors discretion, I'm slowly weaning myself off of adderal (I went from 20 mg-15 mg two months ago.) In the past there were days where I would forget to take a pill and I would be SO impulsive, and eat EVERYTHING! I'm curious as to whether or not I still am truly ADD, or if this is just my brain reacting to it's withdrawal of amphetamine. Eventually I will wean off the sertraline as well.

Whew! I apologize for this novel I just wrote. I just want everyone to understand my situation. With all this said, here are some questions I have that perhaps some of you could shed light on:

1. Has anyone had any success for more natural methods of coping with their add? Especially with coping with impulsiveness.

2. Has anyone had any bad reaction from their birth control pills while on adderall?

3. Does anyone ever feel like their PMS symptoms are more heightened because they are ADD/ADHD?

Thanks for listening!

11-08-14, 12:38 PM
Research shows that hormonal fluctuations definitely make ADHD symptoms worse.
Which means that your meds usually don't work as well for that part of the month.

Some people with ADHD manage to learn good coping skills and find a job/occupation
that fits their strengths without too much stress
and are able to go med free.

Others accept that they have a life-long medical condition and will always need meds.

Giving up caffeine, eating healthy, getting exercise and good sleep can all minimize
the need for meds for some of us.

And some of us have found that supplements such as Omega 3, magnesium, zinc, and
L-theanine provide enough benefit to forego meds.

11-14-14, 08:40 PM
You have no need to feel bad for having to take medicine to maintain treatment of a condition. Diabetics don't apologize for having to take insulin. ;-)

I wanted to comment on your question as to whether you no longer have ADHD, if it could be the meds.

From what I've been told and read about, the ADHD brain simply doesn't make the neurotransmitters and hormones needed to function normally. Medications, like adderall, give us some help in that department.

When we stop taking the medications, our brains still aren't making the neurotransmitters, etc.

In a neurotypical person, yes, it works like how you described, but in an ADHDer, our brains can't make the chemicals to begin with, so stopping the meds just puts us back to how we were before the meds.

I hope that made sense, and again, that is my understanding of it, I could be wrong. (I don't think I am, though ;-) )