View Full Version : Adderall is not effective for me?

11-08-14, 11:09 PM
I was referred to a psychiatrist by my psychologist, and he prescribed me adderall 10 mg. He told me to take 5 mg (split it in half) in the morning, and take the other half in 4-5 hours. He warned me it would not work yet because my body is not accustomed to it, but that is not what I found online from other's experiences. I did notice that it gives me a mood boost (feels pretty much the same as when I drink coffee) so nothing like a high. It makes me less awkward in front of people. Like, if they stand next to me, or something. (i have social anxiety) It's been my 3rd day on this routine, but I'm scared that it will never work? i am aware 5mg is a pretty low dose, but I just want opinions. Also, i have believed i had ADHD for a couple of years, so I actually managed to tone down the hyperactive part of it alot, but i still fidget, and move around quite a bit. Difference is, i just look a little nervous compared to "hyperactive". Also, does anyone else feel like you are more calm when speaking to a psychiatrist? I do fidget with my hands and stuff. and don't make eye contact, but they can't really tell i am "Hyperactive"

11-09-14, 01:16 AM
I think your psychiatrist is taking a good approach, go low and go slow.

You've already noticed a positive effect - that's good.

As your pdoc ups your dose, I'm sure you'll notice it working better.

I tend to be extra hyper at the doctor but yeah in front of pdocs I sometimes get nervous and feel I need to "act better" which kinda I shouldn't do lol...not sure if I appear less hyper though.

It shouldn't matter however since you're already diagnosed. I'm sure the psychiatrist knows that how you act in front of them may be a bit different than how you act on a daily basis.

Don't worry! :)