View Full Version : Drinking when Ritalin does NOT work?

11-09-14, 10:54 PM
Ok, I'll make this quick...I've been on Ritalin (Time release) and it absolutely does not work at all. No good effects, no bad effects, no side effects. I still take it every day though just in case it some day kicks in (It's been almost 5 days and absolutely NO effects)

I had a totally ****ty day today and all the reasons I was prescribed Ritalin are bothering me and since the Ritalin does not work at ALL I want to drink alcohol because that DOES work and will make me feel better (yes I know, this is pretty sad, but I won't be drinking alone, I was invited over a friends house and I plan to drink with them)

I took my dose (36 Mg of time release) about 7 or 8 hours ago.

Is it safe to drink alcohol now? I have read all the posts when others ask this, but I feel it doesn't apply to me because Ritalin has NO effect on me. SO while it's IN my system, it DOES nothing. So is there even anything to interfere with the alcohol?

I'm annoyed and just wanna take the edge off and I may not even drink, but I want to and have the opportunity to. People keep saying it's not a good idea...but again, the Ritalin does NOT work! Is 8 hours a good wait time for time release? (I cant tell when it wears off because it never wears ON!)

11-10-14, 01:27 AM
Because if you're told that it's not safe, you're not going to drink?

11-10-14, 05:27 AM
I didn't even end up going out and drinking. I ended up watching something on TV and falling asleep.

Yes, if someone said "Don't do it!!" I also wouldn't have.

I read a ton of posts all saying "It won't kill you, but it's a bad idea" or "It won't get you drunk as fast so you'll keep drinking and unknowingly get alcohol poisoning" or "It will increase or decrease the effect!"

But I have NO effect, so I feel like my body rejected it ANYway, so it was safe to do. Usually I would just not take the pill if I knew I was going somewhere where I'd drink. But this was an unexpected invite and I was having a crappy day so I wanted to, but had taken my dose.

I know it was still in my system, but if my system doesn't react to it in ANY way, is it safe to drink? (For future reference)

and no, I don't mean "go out and get wasted" I am not some huge alchy. I planned on having about 3 drinks of beer or wine tonight had I gone out. But better safe than sorry.

11-11-14, 02:03 PM
No. I don't think that it would be wise to drink even if it there isn't anything working, because you never know. You say there aren't any effects on you when you take it, but that one drink could cause something to happen.

Just because you don't feel the effects of the Ritalin, doesn't mean something isn't happening inside of your body. Think about the fact that drugs have to be metabolized by your liver and what not. Adding alcohol could be placing more stress on your liver than what the Ritalin is doing. Not to mention what's going on in other places in your body.

I'd say avoid the alcohol just to be on the safe side. I know a person who would drink, even though they had adderall that day. They'd become a mess after awhile.

I know that drinking something stimulating can delay the effects of feeling drunk. So if you have a stimulant like, an energy drink or coffee and then have some alcohol the drunk feeling will sneak up on you and hit you hard once the stimulation wears off.

Also let's look at it in this perspective. When you take Ritalin, your seizure threshold decreases (the lower the threshold...the more prone you are to seizures.) Alcohol, also decreases the seizure threshold...When you put the two together the seizure threshold is low enough, possibly, to risk seizing. Long acting preparations of this drug increase the likelihood of side effects occurring because of the amount of it floating around in the blood with the alcohol.

So even if you feel nothing going on when you take it, it doesn't mean that nothing is happening. Alcohol could still put you at risk for something seizures.

11-11-14, 07:19 PM
I totally thought about the seizure aspect. That's why I didn't do it.

It sucks though because Ritalin just does NOT work (and neither did Adderall)

Sigh. I seem to be resistant to meds so far.