View Full Version : should I have Strattera before bed time? As waking up groggy in the Morning

11-11-14, 06:17 AM
Since i was younger i was told that i had extra electricity in my brain by the Neuropsychologist However cause the lack of awareness of this issue back in Jordan then they didn't diagnose me with ADHD. So my life was all messy and always very hyper so that I would wake up very early in the morning and could barely sleep for 6 hours maximum. But since had Strattera 60mg I can sleep for more than 8 hours which is good however not great as I wake up feeling like a zombie and hardly be able to do anything. I even lack of energy which is make me feel little bit depressed on this medication although I am having ritalin 10mg twice a day but I still dont have much energy just more focused, my problem is that without strattera I get back to anxiety and my psychiatrist doesn't even know Strattera as I was prescribed this medication in UK. Any advice regards to this would be highly appreciated :)