View Full Version : (first post) Focalin extended release (XR) versus Focalin?

11-11-14, 07:52 PM
Hi everyone, I'm a second-year college student who was diagnosed with a form of ADHD in early September of this year. Since then, I have been using Focalin (not prescribed to me) given to me by a friend. The medication I used was not the extended release version of the medicine. Yesterday, I finally got my insurance issues straightened out and was given a prescription for Focalin extended release (XR) by my psychiatrist.

About an hour ago, I took the 20mg of Focalin XR. I usually would take 20mg of normal Focalin before I was prescribed. However, I have yet to feel the same effects that normal Focalin gave me and I'm not sure I feel as focused. I understand that "extended release" suggests that the drug will not work as quickly, but aren't I supposed to still feel as concentrated as I would have if I took normal Focalin? I'm not noticing any effects.

Please let me know if you have any input or have taken both of these drugs and are willing to make a comparison.

Thank you! :)

11-13-14, 10:51 PM
you were taking 20mg instant release before? 2 10mg pills? That would put you at 40mg XR.

How did your friend not run out of focalin IR with you taking 20mg at a time or did he not really need it? Anyways, diversion issues aside. 20mg XR is going to be light compared to what you took prior