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11-12-14, 06:01 PM
Hey everyone....haven't posted in a little while.

I've been taking prozac 15mg for about 2 months now for my panic attack w/ agoraphobia. The anxiety has been reduced. Full blown panic has been less common, alothough i do have some general anxiety still (who doesnt?). One of the BIGGEST side effects is very odd vivid dreams. Normally I rarely dream. Actually before I started prozac I don't even remember the last time I've had a dream.
Not sure if this is something to be worried about? it's just weird and unusual for me.

For my ADD I also take adderall during the day. Anyone else experience this? is this from lack of REM sleep or anything like that?

Little Missy
11-15-14, 04:37 AM
Oh yeah, SSRI's can produce epic mini-series dreams.

11-15-14, 06:44 AM
Actually, you have dreams every night. (Which is REM - stage 3 and sometimes 4)

Although, often we don't remember our dreams because we forget them as we wake up.

We usually remember our dreams when we wake up in the middle of REM.

So, I don't know what's causing the vivid dreams, but just thought I'd also let you know that you never not dream. :)