View Full Version : Manifest Wreckless Abandon

11-12-14, 09:35 PM
We have roadsigns, speed signs, stop signs but all are ignored
You're running as fast as you came, born in a world of madness and greed
Youre a future organ donor, that rents the space you think you buy, you carve your name in a slice of the pie but your name only lasts as long as you're alive
In the end, we're all just ghosts given a second chance at strife
Our hearts are empty but our souls are so full of life
We grasp at straws and reach for the heavens stars from far away we are outside the stars abandoned but we have no memory to leave behind
Nothing to show for when we greet the gates vines
Our souls are weightless just like our greed. So empty so ready to deceive as We give bread to the hopeless as we rob hope from the ever hopeful
You're flying speeding faster than light
through life
Stop signs were just a madmans memory
Speed signs were just his distraction he conjured from his sleeves. For as long as there is a road there I will be
As long as there is traction my tires will spin till im free
Till im just a memory
Im tortured by this cursed life and this holy greed
It tears a hole inside of me at the very core of my being there exists nothing but what has been seen I am just a reflection of all I have seen
I am just a passing image of the mold that made me.
I am cancer
I am a disease
And my mind is a trickster sent from the devil aiming only to please
But in my waking hour, I will devour all that my eyes will see. I will hold no reservation and I will give no quarter
As long as there is a ground beneath my feet, I will speed with no regard for my well being
Just as life wasnt what it was made out to be, I too am not what I seem. I scorn the gods and I smile at death's face I am unafraid Whatever may come I am not afraid to speed farther than what life had planned for me. I wont let the world decide my destiny. As long as I have a will, I am free