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11-14-14, 08:15 AM
I just have had the most stressful past couple of days, and a horrible doctor's appointment (read about here (

I keep thinking that people are out to get me, that people will come out to investigate me.

That there's a lie I need to cover.

It's all because of when I got punched in the face and had to lie to authorities for my dad.

It's a general feeling of not trusting people, that I need to be very careful because they could come....

When I get like this, I can't tell if what my brain is saying is a lie or if it's the actual truth.

People aren't out to get me right?

11-14-14, 08:29 AM
This is strange Bella, I was just gonna post something similar. Except for me, I just feel like people are out to get me sometimes. Or other motives

It's pretty disturbing, but it is a cognitive distortion, and no nobody's out to get you. I know it can really feel like it sometimes but they're not.

I can promise that.

11-14-14, 08:30 AM
People are NOT out to get you!!
(I was worried you may start to think about something like that)

These recent days have NOTHING to do with anything that happened to you in the past :grouphug:

11-14-14, 08:38 AM
Nobody is out to get you, no investigation going on, and no lies have been told - so nothing to cover up. Most people you meet are good and honest and don't want to harm you or do you any wrong.

Knowing what's true and what's a lie: You have good friends here, people you know and trust. Talk to your friends on the forum about the things you're thinking and wondering about; they'll give you straight truthful answers.

You're okay, and everything is going to turn out fine. :grouphug:

11-14-14, 10:49 AM
I think I can relate to this. I think it's my OCD and thinking of all possibilities. I also think that being OCD AND being 21 at the same time leads to paranoia.

When I was your age it was more paranoia -like your example: your dad punched you. What did you learn? Cover your lies, trust no one, make your story consistent and everyone is trying to catch you - that's what you learned. When I got older and my list got longer, it becomes more "this might happen or that might happen,.. and here are my rules or ways of coping with that,.. either avoid, accept, compensate, etc". For instance now I can decide to trust people to the extent our interests are aligned. When they are not aligned, I can still trust them in the sense of saying that pretty word: "trust", and I am also prepared for all the ways they might violate my trust, but I call that trust.
(And I feel like a hypocrite because I would never do to people what I would never begrudge them for doing to me - I'm fine with that ethically, but logically it's totally inconsistent.)

I saw your doctor thread. I'm really sorry about that. It's another example. There's a wall in front of you. This is new kind of wall for you (I think),.. and when I'm in that situation I get really upset, emotional, break down, .. and I eventually walk away (maybe months or years later) knowing how to handle such a wall.