View Full Version : Houston - looking for a psychologist, not an M.D.

11-14-14, 05:01 PM
Hi I am new to the forum but was diagnosed with ADD when I was 21. I'm a bit older now and have been on and off in my fight with it. I'm a male in my 40s.

I'm currently in need of talking to a psychologist about my issues most of which likely stem from ADD. I don't have to work much due to some recent business success but that has ended. I don't have a lot of structure in my life and struggle to stay busy which in turn messes me up.

I'm willing to get on meds but don't want to go that route until I get some counseling first. I've done lots of counseling in the past with little success, well none since when I was first diagnosed which was a success, but he's retired now. Sadly some psychologists admittedly gave up on me in recent years telling me there was nothing more they could do lol, and I'm not a difficult person. I'm pretty open and reasonable to everything.

So, if anyone has any psychologists who they think could help please let me know. Thank you!