View Full Version : Just prescribed Guanfacine (Tenex?) Now what?

11-14-14, 05:26 PM
So after Adderall and Ritalin did absolutely nothing, and although I do have ADHD, focus is NOT my issue at all and my doctor finally realizes this. Depression and Anxiety are my issues (He thinks those things are BECAUSE of my ADHD, but ADHD meds did nothing.)

So finally he decided to address my Anxiety (it's the issue that bothers me most) and he decided I should give Guanfacine a try (I had NEVER heard of this and neither have any of my friends)

He prescribed it to me to stop my anxiety, help slow down my impulse control and maybe improve my mood. Impulse and panic attacks are my two biggest issues and he said it would be perfect for that.

So now I'm reading this board and seeing a lot of people say it makes them fall ASLEEP! I don't want that! I'm supposed to take this during the DAY to feel better/less on edge. I don't want to feel TIRED and SLEEPY all day!

I don't mined feeling "slowed down" or "dulled senses." But tired? That would not be good.

Also, people saying it GIVES them anxiety? That's what I want it to STOP. It's supposed to stop me from my constant talking and interrupting and not thinking before I speak, and also quell the constant anxiety I feel.

Will it do that (I picked up the perscript. today and he said to take it later tonight) and it also may take a week or two to work.

I am apparently resistant to stimulants, so that's why he gave me this drug. I'm REALLY hoping it helps me after 2 other hardcore drugs did nothing.

11-14-14, 06:24 PM
Look up Rejection-Sensitive Dysphoria on this site and check out the links below.

Guanfacine/Tenex/Intuniv is prescribed for it so you may be able to find out more about it going that route.

Kunga Dorji
11-22-14, 09:49 PM
Do you mind telling me what the cost of it is. An export pharmacy in the US is asking $1280 for 100 tabs of Intuniv ER 1mg.

That is an extraordinary price.
No doubt that is why the drug has not been approved for use in Australia.