View Full Version : Adhd/ pure o / childhood PTSD med suggestions? Similler issues?

11-15-14, 12:50 PM
I actually feel that obsessions are ruining my life. I really feel I have over focused adhd or I have adhd co morbid purely obsessional OCD. However I have trauma in my life and some of my OCD is hyper vigilance and probably an addiction to addrenialin the adhd also seems to drive me to seek stimulation and sensory input. It's all a puzzle I need serious advice. I take adderall xr 1 30mg in am and 2 5mgs in evening when I want. I wonder if the adderall doesn't make my OCD stuff worse. Considering combining adderall with anti depressant to lesion OCD but my mother has bipolar and I'm terrified to take anti depressants. Much abuse in childhood came from her taking Wellbutrin and basically living in psychoses mania for about 7 years. It was hell, lots of physical emotional abuse. Anyone have any advice on meds suggestions?

Around where I live psychiatrist are impossible to see! It takes a year to get in! No joke! So I'm trying to just figure out a very temporary fix until then. My obsessions are taking over my life. Psychology is it and I spend hours everyday researching disorders and symptoms. I also fall into using the internet for compulsive / stimulating things that leave me feeling guilty.

11-15-14, 03:16 PM
Hi, I suggest you to try GAPS diet. It helped my OCD. Also stop researching stuff on the internet ,ignore ocd and just go do your stuff. Check out my 30 day gut healing trial in Nutrition section.

Best of luck.

11-16-14, 06:51 AM
Is your OCD properly diagnosed.

When ADHD-medicine uncovers rigid behaviour it could be Asperger instead of OCD.

ADHD and Asperger tend to mask each other's symptoms, and there are lots of people who actually discover their Asperger once the ADHD-medicine has lowered the ADHD traits.