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11-15-14, 10:34 PM
Ok, so Quanfacine is the first drug that has actually worked for me. I thought it would have to take time, but the effect was instant. It is definitely helping with my anxiety! It definitely takes the edge off which is what I wanted.


2 things. One, it eventually makes me tired and I "crash" at random times. I've only been on it 2 days now and Day one I took it at 8PM and was SOUND asleep by 10PM and woke up at 3AM and stayed up. (and the anti-anxiety effect was still there, which was good, but 3AM? Not good) Day 2 (today) I took it at noon and was going about my day anxiety free and then at 5:00 fell asleep until 9 PM and now I'm wide awake.

I'm not sure I like these little "Power naps" the drug is making me take. I try to fight them, but I have to say, it puts me into the most RESTFUL and pleasing state of sleep I've ever had! I just dislike that it puts me to sleep at all.

Problem 2: (This one is very concerning) It has given me upper back/shoulder pain on my left side. Every time I google this I keep seeing "Heart problems" "Heart attack" "Heart disease." I know this drug lowers blood pressure so I wonder if that's why I have the pain? It's supposed to prevent Hypertension too, but I'm now very paranoid that it is CAUSING heart problems. I've never had this back shoulder pain before until I took this medication. Is this a bad side effect that I should be concerned about?

02-11-15, 07:13 PM
I take clonidine but had similar problems, I find that:
1) the patch is better than the pill.. more consistent dosage
2) You can cut the patch into half (or dose of your choice if you need a more specific dosage)
3) Sleepiness fades with time more than the positive effects do.

And yeah.. those naps really do feel like the best most refreshing sleep you've ever had.. not worth constantly feeling tired but they used to be amazing.

03-10-15, 04:43 AM
I wrote this original post way back in November and unfortunately Tenex wound up being another dud for me. The whole "best sleep ever" effect completely wore off after a week or two and so did any effect I thought I felt. I stopped taking it a while ago. It wasn't doing anything for me, so I jumped the gun when I originally posted this. I'm still in search of an effective ADHD med, if anyone has any suggestions! Like a really STRONG one...better than Adderall or Ritalin which don't work either.