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11-16-14, 10:30 PM
I'm seeking help/advice from someone who may have possibly been in a similar situation. When I finally learned about ADD I was finishing up my senior highschool, when asking my parents if I could get tested they where somewhat upset I would even think I had something like that (my father still thinks it made up). My entire life I've been a very happy person, normally no matter how mad I was before bed I would wake up every day with a fresh mind and no frustration (i.e. no mood swings, or feeling of depression).

Lately, I've had the exact opposite often times I find my self so stressed and separated from everyone, I get nothing done and Adderall (no matter how much I take) has almost no effect. (btw I'm taking 20mg Amphetamine-dextroamphetami). I can no longer do my passion (stock trading) because I feel like I don't have skills/incompetent now even after 6 years of experience. Also, I've noticed that I think completely logical with almost no emotion, while this helped me aspects of getting nervous, it really affects my social relationship because I almost can't connect with people anymore.

The biggest noticeable change in my behavior is texting and talking on the phone.. if my girlfriend text me I find my self almost instantly enraged by her saying "I miss you" and I don't know why. And if she or anyone else calls after I get off the phone I feel worn out, tired, and anxious. It's almost like nothing I do/apart-of makes me happy.. I'm just neutral about everything and when coming off my meds I feel like absolute S*** (headaches, sleep problems, restless).

I'm not writing to this to make you think i have the worst life, or looking for someone to give me the "answer" and not having any crazy thoughts, like end my life. But I'm tired of feeling like this, I honestly miss my old self and I'm saying all of this because I've never told anyone about this. I've never been afraid of work, I only took meds to help me fully complete a task (often have a hard time finishing projects and stuff). But now often I find myself just staring at the computer screen and just kind of on autopilot.

See one thing that use to separate me from a lot of people with ADD, is my positivity towards this disorder. I would tell people all the time that ADD gives me the ability to think outside of the box and see many things others wouldn't and it's almost scary to think I'm losing my self confidence...

Any advice or similar stories that may help me with this? I feel like pot has helped me calm down, and this detachment from reality almost helped me figure my situations out...but I don't know that it would help with studying. I'm so tired of just taking Adderall and getting nothing done.

Does anyone have any better ideas? I'm sorry for the rant and no I'm not looking for an excuse to do drugs, but I just want to go back to being happy and carefree.

11-17-14, 09:07 AM
I think that you should talk to your psychiatrist about this. Maybe you're depressed and you need some therapy or some medication for that or maybe you need to change your ADHD meds. Maybe you need to change your job, if the current one isn't helping you advance and learn new skills. Pot isn't proven to help with any mental disorder in the long term. I only smoked it once and I felt dizzy - I can't imagine it. I know people who smoke it from time to time to get high; I don't know anyone who says that it helps them study or work better.

Musical Dreamer
11-17-14, 01:27 PM
I agree that it might be helpful talk to a professional. There could be a serious comorbid disorder in the mix. I've found that medication is just the first piece of the puzzle in managing ADHD. Other methods of treatment could help you get over this hump. You have to be careful when you start looking at drugs as an alternative for treatment. I self-medicated for years with pot and it led me to near psychosis and dependance. It was a coping mechanism that I started way before I really knew what ADHD was or that I had it, but I would have rather gotten diagnosed and treated the ADHD properly instead of picking up the habit. That's my story anyway. I know a lot of people think it's harmless, but when you start using to self-medicate it can really cause problems.

I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and depression for years. Both have gotten much better once I started adequate treatment for my ADHD. The anxiety is still there, especially since I got off the pot, but I found that the depression was just a bi-product of unmanaged ADHD. My psychiatrist prescribes me with the right meds to manage the anxiety (as needed) as well as Concerta.

11-17-14, 06:12 PM
Ditto to the above. I would see the Psyciatrist for a dosage change. It's a pretty uncomfortable terrible feeling of anxiety when you know things have to be done and it's like pushing a cart of manure up a mountain. Also someone to Speak to face to face ,Who knows about the condition, is a big help. I also find the wisdom of people on this site enriching.

11-18-14, 05:28 AM
Sounds an awful lot like depression or some other mental health issue.