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11-17-14, 06:49 PM

I am a complete noob to the world of forums and posting my life online, however, I feel that I can and should do this to help out others and hopefully myself as well.

Im a 31year old male, not sure what "condition" I have, but my pdoc is working on getting to the bottom of: my social reclusiveness, my short concentration span, my severe lack of motivation, my anxiety which stems from the lack of motivation - incomplete work and I'm my own boss, so having to face clients who expect work done within a reasonable time frame, causes the anxiety because I don't have any sense of urgency to get out of my bed in the morning. I've been living life through all of this since my schooling days, around the fourth grade or so. Maybe the third grade maybe the fifth, not quite sure.

I hate all of this. I really want to change all those negatives.

Four months ago I started seeing a pdoc about myself and wanting to turn my life around.

Month One: She put me on Remeron 30mg (Day) and Seroquel XR 50mg (Night).
After a month, I saw no improvement, not even the side effects.

Month Two: She changed my meds to Lexamil 10mg (Essitalopram) (Day) and the Seroquel XR 50 at night stayed on. Again, no real difference.

Month Three: Changed to Aropax CR 25mg (Paroxetine HCL) (Day) and Seroquel XR 75mg at night. Again, nothing, not even feeling happy or numb to the world.

Month Four: And here come the fireworks and reason for this so called journal!
Wellbutrin XL 150 (Day) and Seroquel XR 150mg at night. She said shes increasing the seroquel because she wants to minimise the anxiety and aggression that will stem from the Wellbutrin. Okay doc, lets give it a shot and hope it works.

Day One - Day Four: No sign of any change. (I think it was the Seroquel XR working thru the day and possibly masking any effects).

Day Five: I had cut back the Seroquel XR to 75mg, half the tablet the previous night and took the Wellbutrin at about 9am. At around 12, I still felt nothing and decided to take a second Wellbutrin. No effect. That evening, Around 9pm, I noticed a pain within my right bicep. (I dont work out so it was the pill).
I did some thinking about everything as well as alot of research since I had started five days ago. I came up with the theory that the Seroquel XR needs to be an immediate release and 50mg at night and 25mg during the day if I feel like im going to biteboff someones head.
Messaged my pdoc and informed her that I want to try this as I know my body a lot better. Got the prescription and started that night with 2 x 25mg Seroquel instant release.

Day Six: Woke up at about 9am, took my Wellbutrin on an empty tummy. Had a cup of tea and a small breakfast around 11am. Went about my day as usual (sitting on my bed with my iPad Mini 3). Im only mentioning that so you can understand why im so comfortable sitting on my bed and dont care that im "dead" to the world. Its my media centre and my passport to the world.
OKAY, so now, we're back to focusin on the Wellbutrin that is starting to make itself apparent in the form of the dreaded side effects.
Ive done my fair share of mischief so I can say that the side effects of this closely resemble the day after having ecstacy.
This was rather enhanced tho as the evening progressed. I started feeling my jaws get tight, my muscles all over my body were also tight. My neck really sore.
My vision was a little hazy but not too bad and this didnt last long. Around 10pm I took my Seroquel 2 x 25mg and lay with iPad on my bed. As the night progressed and where I should have started feeling sleepy, I was notcibly more awake than the hour before. This continued until 5am the next morning and I decided to take another Seroquel 25mg. Around 6am, I fell asleep.

Day Seven: Woke up @ Midday. Took my Wellbutrin XL on an empty tummy. Had a cup of tea for breakfast and noticed with each sip of tea, a pain on the right side of my head, from the inside. Irrespective, I finished my tea, had a nice meal and returned to my room. Still feeling the tight myscles, jaws, sore neck, irritability x 10, even getting annoyed with the smell of smoke from my cigarette. Found an e-cigarette shop online, purchased a really cool one. It should help with the smell and also with the apparent "side effect" of quitting smoking. Yes, I must memtion that from night five, I have noticed that my cigarette doesnt quite hit the spot anymore. The habit of lighting up is the one that needs to be broken.

This is where we are :) Night seven. Still wide awake at 00H45. Going to try and make a concerted effort to sleep:)

I hope to continue with day eight tomorrow morning.
Also, I trust that the information contained herein is of benefit to any and all readers who are prescribed Wellbutrin XR for their condition.

From what Ive read, the side effects last plus or minus two weeks before seeing an improvement. I am willing to, for the sake of getting better and living a normal life, put up with these ill effects for a few weeks and I hope that like others, I can report that this is a good medication once these effects have passed. :)