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11-18-14, 12:26 PM
Hey everyone,

Forgive me for asking, as I admit I have to write this up quickly (at work, not supposed to be on here) and didn't browse the Forums to see if there's an appropriate "group" for this, but I need to know if anyone on here is tech savy with computers.... I need help with something really quickly...

11-18-14, 12:29 PM
Many of us are, .. fire away! :)

11-18-14, 12:32 PM
I need to know how to remove Trovi from my computer, WITHOUT having to download a bunch of software. I've already got Malwarebytes downloaded. I'm on my work computer, so can't (or shouldn't) be downloading anything.

11-18-14, 12:40 PM
I googled it:

Seems to not be a "really bad" one. The instructions are in the linke, but in short:

1. Uninstall from the control panel
2. You have to remove it as an add-on or extension to your browsers (you probably have to do this for all your browsers)
3. Change your home page to anything but trovi

I don't know trovi specifically, but many such "unwanted adwares", .. if you just do #1 but not 2 and 3, it can reinstall itself eventually.