View Full Version : Suffering from anxiety lately

11-18-14, 07:47 PM
There's not much to say but it sucks and needed it off my chest. More social stress than usual. Hope to get it out of my system, let it evolve soon. You too ?

11-18-14, 07:55 PM
yup *nodding vigorously* - my anxiety manifests as becoming over vigilant in checking all my doors are locked and that no one is going to break into my house laaate at night. it is absurd and irrational - but, in the dead of night all rationality flies out the window (or bounces off the walls cos the windows are closed). For me, at the moment it is failing at my job and unrealistic expectations placed on me. Mine passes after a few days with lots of self-talk, relaxing, blocking certain phone numbers on my phone so that my heart doesn't start racing. Meh, I need a cave that I can hide in >.<

11-19-14, 04:43 AM
YES, I have way more anxiety and trouble concentrating. I am still grieving and it's just transforming evertything profoundly on many levels.

I am in many states between emptiness and a strange kind of euphoria, sometimes I do things that would normally bother me, automatically; and other times the simplest thing sends me into a spiral of panic. And there seems to be no end to this...

Little Missy
11-19-14, 08:15 AM
Just when I thought my anxiety was waning and I was beginning to actually enjoy my life ,I have taken on a necessary, yet extraordinarily heavy burden yet again.