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The smiley is incidental !! Roommies are sleeping, typing this on screen keyboard so I'll keep it short

if you could reinvent society, how would it be ?

I don't believe anyone follows what they're taught to, but what they feel is 'right' in their hearts, because they know its the only way. For them. Inner peace. If you follow this thought pattern, you get to very individual honesty. My rules are hypocritical but one I follow by heart is : fantasy. And I feel I'm in for a big game ...

Honestly, what do you feel 'destined' for in life ?

Yeah two q's

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Change society? I wouldn't know how. But I followed my heart, and rejected the path I should have followed.

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I will have to start with the caveat that it is not possible to change society, at least not forcibly, but what we can all do is be part of the process of change that is ongoing even now.

It centres on the realisation that humans, as we are, have not reached our full potential yet. There is another level of being that is possible for us to reach. We can reach that by looking into ourselves and constantly questioning everything we think we know.

The problem with the world around us is that it is not conducive to this process. Our world as it is now is geared towards constantly overloading all our senses with an ever ongoing treadmill of busy-ness and anxiety. This effectively keeps us from having the quiet time which is so sorely needed to be able to self-reflect.

So if i were to change anything about the world, I would change the economic systems to get rid of this ongoing insanity of consumerism and competition. That in turn would give us the necessary quiet space to find both love and peace.

11-20-14, 11:38 AM
Form an autonomous community.
Post a video on youtube showing how nobody need ever work for money again if you follow this simple guide.
Ensure that anybody who wishes to take your route has everything they need to copy your lead.

11-21-14, 09:04 AM
My personal worry is that this project could become so complicated, that we'll find it difficult to get it off the ground and so my personal requirements in this project are minimal in order to achieve the community asap.

Personal requirements [of course all sustainably delivered - there's no point in re-iterating sustainably - that's a given ... ...]

A house which would be enjoyable (relatively spacious) to live in <- the home to my wife is important
A house which requires little energy to heat (so heavily insulated) <- ~50% of energy usage goes into space heating/cooling
[a] Local energy (solar panels) self-sufficiency and [b] self-sufficiency in food (vegetables) (be they stored from Summer or through year round production)

This would generate a completely autonomous, sustainable community which doesn't require anything from the outside world; the connections to the outside world come after more of these communities are generated and connected.
So - my basic (and very simple requirement) is that we've all heavily insulated and fun houses, with sufficient food to exist - as the basic fundamentals of the community ie complete self-sufficiency albeit not at what could be called a luxury level; the luxury comes later :-).
Thoughts in no particular order - only the first 26 to come to mind
[A] Wooden house frames - it'd be great if we could generate a piece of software which allows people to design their (potentially multi-storey ( [LINK] own homes - ie connect together modules and which can be used to feed a machining workshop where the frame is automatically constructed and the house thereafter connected much as we build Ikea furniture; we'd then be able to simply connect up the frame and fill it with straw bales and cob blocks. Would also be great if we could build properties under a clear 'cover' held in place by a lit scaffold - so we can work regardless of temperature, weather and time.
Note - we'll probably need a straw bale co-op and cob block co-op to generate raw materials for intentional communities which follow our lead.
[B] Generating money (only required in the early stages until money can be dispensed with) - Sale of locally generated solar energy back to the grid and sale of locally produced vegetables also; wooden-house frame, straw bale and cob block co-operatives could be used to finance these intentional community initiatives just like ours.
[C] Funding - there's probably funding available from governmental sources - but I was wondering whether we could make this into a Cambridge/Anglia Ruskin University project which studies human health parameters (ie how much fitter we become in this type of community) and also teaches others how to emulate us. We have MANY contacts. Prince Charles (and the Duke of Cambridge), the Wellcome Trust and the Cambridge University Colleges have a huge amount of land and money - and all three of these organizations have it in their best interests that we should succeed.
I think you'd be hard pushed to find a more powerful combination than the three above ... ... not entirely sure that the UK government or local councils can compete. Prince Charles loves what we're trying to do, the Wellcome Trust is committed to ensuring human health and Cambridge University will be able to see that the form of community we're generating could well be the blue-print for the next generation of educational establishment ie you come here and you look after yourself (your housing and food needs - see Personal requirements) and thereafter you study because you want to study (that is - you are committed to your subject) and not simply wanting to get a well paid job by virtue of a piece of paper with Cambridge University on - money will cease to exist soon.
To follow … …

[D] Windows – shutters (heat loss minimize)
[E] Local solar supply to global solar supply transition – deserts -> hydrogen
[F] Benefits which we'll observe as local RBEs increase in number (the world around) – mobility – travel, re-organize to child year groups
--- [O] Housing – people (as needs change) move to larger, smaller house not spend time re-engineering
[G] Cleaning up the unsustainable world – bricks, concrete, roads ? re-use as we have them ?
[H] Internal/External housing infrastructure – exposed so we can access and fix easily
--- [K] Internal/External housing infrastructure – only electrical wire
--- [W] Water supply – special care ( [LINK] centrally/locally when handling water
[I] Transport – guided bus [also used for heavy deliveries]/cycle locally and high speed train globally - eliminate roads
--- [J] Bike - design
--- [Z] Best eco-material for guided bus rails and cycle lane
[L] Key principle – anybody can either repair or recycle cleanly everything we use locally (instructions online)
[M] Waste – only human waste generated - returned to the earth
[N] Clothing – eco-waterproofing ?
[P] Eco-community hubs – eg share a tractor, animals, intensive, biodiesel farming with eg 4,8,16 etc intentional adjacent communities
-- [R] Internet – wireless [overlapping community hubs supply wireless connection]
[Q] Furniture – see [A] and so databased for others to select, instructions available to disconnect (ie opposite of connection)
--- Note better technology for screw eg allen key so we don't round off the head on a screw ie can always disconnect
[S] Electrical appliances – only 1 convergent device powered globally centrally (no need to upgrade)
[T] Education – see [F] and [S] and [C]
[U] Community meeting place/guest accommodation – food preparation ?
[V] Food storage – shed or refrigerated ?underground?
[X] Houses built around permaculture zones – no gardens
[Y] Travel arrangements – express interest to travel on-line – long distance travel only when train is full ie no timetables for global travel

11-21-14, 09:38 AM
Get rid of money and make sure everyone has the opportunity to do whatever job they feel happy doing.

Make it compulsory to help any animal or human who needs help.

might think of more later

11-21-14, 09:40 AM
General points (first 10 to come to mind).

1. No locks on doors
2. No roads
3. No air travel (planes, helicopters)
4. No artificial chemicals (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics)
5. No fertilizer/pesticide
6. No landfills
7. No hospitals
8. No processed food
9. No ownership
10. No money

11-21-14, 09:41 AM
get rid of money and make sure everyone has the opportunity to do whatever job they feel happy doing.

Make it compulsory to help any animal or human who needs help.

Might think of more later


11-21-14, 09:51 AM
--- [J] Bike - design ? [QUESTION 2]
solution ( [LINK] note chainless with internal hub gearing

[N] Clothing – eco-waterproofing ? [QUESTION 3]
solution ( [LINK] note waterproof and breathable