View Full Version : Anxiety, or not? (sorry, long)

11-19-14, 02:49 PM
Apparently I worry a lot. To the point where others noticed (someone I rode the bus with in school even wrote it in the back of my yearbook one year, "Stop worrying so much")

I also appear anxious to others, though I don't exactly know what that means or why I come across as such. I do know I fidget, and if I have a piece of paper in my hand and I'm talking to you, by the end of the conversation, the paper will be shredded into a thousand pieces.

I've never considered myself to have an anxiety disorder, though. If I take the screeners/diagnostics, I never come out as more than moderately anxious. :scratch:

Lately, though, I've been reconsidering the evidence.

1) As a kid I had phobias. Elevators, for one. I never got stuck in one, but I would panic and run up 9 flights of stairs rather than enter one that I thought *might* get stuck. Dogs, also. Unleashed ones especially (I'm still honestly scared of both, but able to ride most elevators without issues; still panic sometimes with the dog).

2) I had a spell in which I had trouble sleeping, and I'd tie myself in knots worrying about sleeping. Again, much better now, though, come to think of it, I still tie myself in knots over things that really shouldn't be a big deal.

3) I cannot stand it when people around me, who I care about, get ill. I'm not talking about seriously ill; I'm talking like head-cold, 24 hour bug ill. I don't know if it's the inevitable change in plans and routine that make me fear illness or that the illness makes me fear the inevitable change in routine (if that makes any sense whatsoever? I don't like abrupt changes in plan or routine in general; the fact that illness is so uncontrollable doesn't help matters at all).

4) I get downright mean and nasty when I'm anticipating something; even if it's something like a race that I signed up for and want to do. Anticipation always kills me, and being nervous spills over into me becoming an absolute byatch about things; woe betide anyone who gets in my way.

So yeah. I'm actually not sure why I wrote all that, or what I want to accomplish by writing it :scratch: I guess I'm wondering if maybe my shrink was right in offering anti-anxiety meds along with the stimulants (not on either right now). I kind of blew him off when he mentioned it, cuz his solution for everything was to add another pill.

11-19-14, 03:04 PM
It sounds like you could be suffering from anxiety, it might be an idea if you try the meds the psych wants to put you on and see if it helps :grouphug: Are you getting counselling Tyger? If not that might be something else you could try :grouphug:

11-19-14, 03:23 PM
Sounds a lot like me, although we seem to get anxious about different things.

My phobias are spiders and bridges/heights. I've only gotten out of the car
and walked across a bridge once, but have often thought about doing that.

When my family would be late getting home I'd imagine all kinds of terrible
things that *must* have happened to them. The sound of siren would freak
me out thinking my family had been in a car crash.

When the school bus was 10 minutes late I'd be on the phone with the school
secretary - but that one had a real basis. My 6 y.o. granddaughter got off the
bus with a friend one day and no one could find her because the friend's mom
had an emergency and left a friend to watch her daughter. The friend just
thought the mom forgot to tell her daughter was bringing a friend home.

Anyway, my daughter finally convinced me to talk to the p-doc about the
anxiety, I was prescribed an antidepressant, and I'm not a constant worrier
anymore! Woot.

I also took a class in CBT to help me figure out whether I was thinking about
some things rationally, and found my reactions were based on childhood
experiences. That was then, this is now.