View Full Version : natural ways to enhance the effects of ritalin?

11-19-14, 05:37 PM
looking for natural ways to enhance the effects of ritalin without having to up my dosage. I hear many things such as drink coffee, take supplements such as b12, L-tyrosine, magenesium, and taking the medication 15-30s min prior to eatting. Does anyone have any suggestions or willing to share their experience with anything that i have mentioned above that worked for them?

11-26-14, 06:07 AM
Despite most claims there's not much that can enhance the effects of Ritalin other than taking more Ritalin.

11-26-14, 06:11 AM
I wouldn't recommend coffee. Since I've started taking stimulants, coffee gives me horrible anxiety, makes me more restless and I just feel unpleasant.

I'm not sure if you can enhance the effect of Ritalin as such but there might be some thing that you do or avoid that reduce the effectiveness of stimulants, e.g.

1. Get enough sleep.
2. Proper, balanced nutrition.
3. Exercise.
4. Avoid stress.
5. Avoid alcohol.

01-07-15, 01:05 PM
My personal experience is that there is a link. I had to stop taking yerba mate when I started getting medicated for my ADD, I was just flying and so wired it really was not funny. (I was on 20 mg per day then, 10 years ago. I am on 40 now, and it's not working no mo)

At home we have been going decaf for our morning coffee for about last month also, and I do not know if my feeling of weak pills is linked with a change of suppliers for my generic Ritalin

I came into this forum to look if other people are also experiencing that Mallinckrodt generic methylphenidate is "weak", i.e. I have been so sleepy this last month, my pharmacy switched brands again (Sandoz month before, was sort of OK, something else before that).

As I read this forum I'm trying to learn what's what. Is it time to go Adderal? or ER? I rather not get a higher dose if I can avoid it, so far that's how we addressed the issue of "weakening", but what I feel the difference now is with the stuff itself, since it was working "fine" up to a couple months ago.