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11-20-14, 02:08 AM
ahhhhhh - Mr 5 was moved from 3 x 5mg Ritalin LA/day (past 12 months) to finally Concerta 18mg (1/day). I have seen awesome difference such as being able to go on outings (for the first evahhhh) and good listening, no meltdowns, thinking (wow) and focussing. However, his teacher has the total opposite feedback and today just told me she is very upset at his behaviour today. I asked why (heartbeat started racing) and she said that he wants to play 'cops and robbers' but none of the other kids do and he is putting the kids under arrest. He is at special school (Prep) and there is 7 in his class. He is very high functioning (now with meds) and learning about his world. I am going mainstream next year. He is a social butterfly and the other 6 boys in his class communicate by screaming, communication boards etc. So, it is difficult for my son to interact with them.

I know it is not acceptable for him to put his hands on another child (not using safe hands) however, I'm not seeing it at home. He rough houses with his big brother, but when his brother has had enough - he says 'Stop - i have to go study etc' and game is over. I don't think my son is getting that message at school and also the message i keep giving him that he has to have safe hands at school ALL the time....and these kids aren't able to tell him to Stop.

Anyway - i have one ****** off teacher who is on the warpath and we need to get through the next 3 weeks before school finishes without any blood shed.

11-20-14, 02:42 AM
I honestly can't say I blame him. If the other kids don't want to play, putting them under arrest sounds like a practical solution to me. :D

I could understand wanting to put them all under arrest if there was any chance to put a stop to the ****ing screaming.

Seriously, three weeks might seem like an eternity, but just keep your amazing sense of humor and it will pass quickly. Best of luck to you!

11-20-14, 03:02 AM
LOL Maurice...thank you :giggle:

i shouldn't laugh...but i did when we walked out of the school today (after ****** off teacher had a HUGE RANT) and Mr 5 said 'do you still love me even though i got 5 SAD FACES on my chart today'. 'Yes, baby, i love you even more now...' :giggle:

I wonder what it would have been like if we went to school together Maurice....:giggle: that poor school......