View Full Version : Combining anti-deps with dexamphetamine for ADD?

11-20-14, 10:02 AM
Has anyone had the personal experience of combining a good anti-dep with dexamphetamine ? I am a recently diagnosed inattentive ADD and currently on the following dex dosage:

6am: 2 x 5mg dex
12pm: 2 x 5mg dex
6pm: 2 x 5mg dex

So far, I have felt no positive change with my inattentive ADD. I feel extreme anxiety and generally feel very edgy on dex. My moods are very low (on a 1 (low) -10 (high) scale: I am currently at 3!). I was wondering about seeing my doctor to combine a 'good' anti-dep with my daily dex to smooth out the edginess and brighten my moods.

Any personal experiences and/or combination suggestions? I would be most obliged for your views. Thanks.

12-10-14, 04:49 PM
which antidepressant you on? Really depends. I find at the very least it will blunt the benefits such that you need higher dosages but sometimes in some people it totally blocks it due to overlap in the enzymes used to digest the amphetamine and the ssri...

12-18-14, 05:29 PM
I am currently on 50mg of Amitriptyline daily taken at night before sleep. It's been 14 days now on this medication, and I can not see any positive changes in my moods and/or life. Thanks.

02-18-15, 11:09 PM
I have taken Zoloft for years and it goes perfectly fine with amphetamine, especially in combatting the anxiety that dex can bring to some (like me).